Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jansen shows his pea size balls

Isn't it funny how quick things change in SA? It made my blood boil when I saw that Blade Nzimande had made a statement opposing Prof Jansen's decision to drop the investigation into the "Reitz 4"

I was glad to see Tutu back Jansen in a gesture of reconciliation.

But brothers and sisters, let me tell you now how it is going to work in the New Borg SA. It will be transformation, in chunks, rammed down your throat, take it or leave it.

It will be their way, or the highway. You better take what bra Zuma is offering you, or just hi-tail it out of SA. Try and make a stand, as the "Reitz 4" are doing (they claim they did nothing wrong, "it was just a prank") and you face a grilling nothing short of Chinese torture.

Jansen (and Tutu) are the last of the reconcilers in SA. But they too have been cut into place. Tutu has embraced Zuma and Jansen has now capitulated on the Reitz issue. It's the Borg from now on into perpetuity.

The University of the Free State will reopen discussions on the Reitz residence video following criticism of its decision to pardon the four students involved.

All stakeholders inside and outside the UFS are invited to meet with the university management to table their concerns and to try to find consensus on a way forward," rector Jonathan Jansen said in a statement on Sunday.

Anyone who wanted to be take part in these talks should contact Billyboy Ramahlele on 051-401-2822 to make an appointment. UFS management would be available for these consultations at any time.

At his inauguration last Friday, Jansen announced the university had pardoned four former Reitz students whom filmed an initiation of five black staff members into hostel activities in 2007.

The employees, four women and a man, were seen on their hands and knees eating food which had apparently been urinated into by a white student.

The students were charged with crimen injuria and their trial was expected to start on Monday.

Jansen's announcement had drawn criticism, notably from Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande, Cosatu and the ANC Youth League, and praise in the past week.

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Grumbleguts said...

Those 4 students want my opinion? Get out of the country, because no matter what, the ANC will not rest until they are all dead, all 4 of them.