Friday, October 02, 2009

Good news. The defence department is facing financial meltdown as well

Ok, let's do it this way. Is there anything in the New! Improved! South Africa!™ that isn't broken..? This is the TENTH time they've noted irregularities. Ten times! Yet on and on they go, where it ends, nobody knows. Yes my friend, if the white man hadn't colonised Africa, the black man would be on par with the rest of the world. Isn't that a favourite liberal statement? was the 10th successive qualified audit opinion received by the department.


Cape Town -
Auditor General Terrence Nombembe has given the defence department a qualified audit for the past financial year for incurring more than R118m in irregular spending and more than R4.5m in fruitless spending.

The AG's report contained in the department's latest annual report - tabled in Parliament on Wednesday - stated the irregularities and waste occurred because of a failure to follow proper procurement processes, including buying aircraft from Airbus.

Some R15m in irregular expenditure on the Airbus contract was being investigated with a view to disciplinary action.

Bad book-keeping

The AG also pointed out the department understated its irregular spending and was
unable to account for R77m in this regard.

He found that the department overstated its lease obligations by R8.4m and was unable to supply proper documentation to support R193m spent on consultants.

The report also criticised the department for failing to do proper book-keeping on goods and services received and for senior officials failing to carry out proper oversight over the preparation of financial statements.

The Democratic Alliance said in a statement
it was the 10th successive qualified audit opinion received by the department.

The party planned to ask Parliament's watchdog public accounts committee, Scopa, to investigate the department.

"The financial meltdown in the department of defence cannot be allowed to continue," DA MP David Maynier said. - SAPA

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