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From Titans To Lemmings: The Suicide Of The White Race - Part VII

By Reconquista

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First published at The Home of the Green Arrow


Part Six of Titans To Lemmings focused on Africa and in particular, the former British colonies of South Africa and Rhodesia. I described how those once strong nations have deteriorated badly since the end of colonial rule and the establishment of black governance and I presented evidence to counter the myths of colonialism and apartheid, two barb-encrusted sticks used to inflict a guilt trip on the white race and to justify the looting, land grabs and ethnic cleansing all being conducted against whites in these once advanced and prosperous nations.

As these nations implode catastrophically, enormous suffering is inflicted upon both the white people AND native black peoples whilst those responsible for creating the mess - namely the traitorous Marxist-Liberals in the West - turn a blind eye and avoid any responsibility for their malicious interference which had nothing to do with the welfare and the future of the black peoples and everything to do with destroying the whites, the very people who had built the strongest nations in Africa.

As well as building these Titans of Africa, the white man also brought his medical expertise to the dark continent and as well as helping black people to combat killer illnesses endemic there - yellow fever, malaria, cholera etc. - systems of medical care constructed by whites dramatically reduced the infant mortality rate and significantly increased the life expectancy rate. Not that your average self-righteous Liberal will ever be aware of these things.

Africa isn't the only continent that has seen dramatic changes in the last fifty years. Great Britain - in fact the entire West but for the purpose of this essay I wish to focus mainly on Britain - the country whose vast empire did more than any other nation to bring the advances of Western civilisation to the whole world, has seen its empire crumble. Now the world comes to Britain, with millions of Africans, Pakistanis, Indians and many more immigrants all flocking to Great Britain.

Just as the white man introduced aspects of Western culture to the third world, so now are immigrants into Britain introducing their culture here. Much of what is being introduced is having a corrosive effect upon British society and I assert this is not happening by chance. In fact, I believe a war is being waged upon the British people deliberately with the aim to destroy Great Britain and the British people. The scale of what is being done to our people is absolutely staggering, the consequences are heart-breaking and devastating and the saddest part of all is that the British people - and many others throughout the West - are knowingly choosing to behave in seriously flawed ways, all contributing to the collapse of the West and the eventual extinction of the white race.

It's now time to bring attention to one aspect of the war against Britain to expose its enormous scale and the destructive impact it is having on our nation. In this part of the Titans series, I want to focus on narcotics and in particular, the trade in one of the most potent narcotics, cocaine and its highly-addictive derivative, crack.

A Nasty Shock

In a month that has seen BNP councillor Kevin Edwards express a personal opinion regarding drug-pushers, stating:

"...personally, I would like to see the first three pushers/dealers hung on live TV"

after the revelation that deaths by drugs had quadrupled in Llanelli, sparking another passionate debate on the new Green Arrow Website, this part of the Titans series falls at a somewhat fitting moment. First a little background before I continue.

Three months ago, I had absolutely no idea as to how enormous the nature of the drugs trade is. Had I been asked then what I felt about drugs I would've shown little interest, maybe mentioning the role it plays in Islamic jihad. But a chance conversation about cocaine with several of my Dutch friends lead to one of them saying: "You don't want to know what's going on in the UK." I pressed him further and he recommended some resources to me and they shook me out of my indifference.

I realised a couple of things: First, that a debate about drug taking usually centres around legalising drugs and a tolerance of personal choice, i.e. it's up to you if you want to take narcotics. This personalising of drug taking narrows the scope and is also somewhat naive as I will explain. Second, I would consider myself to be an informed British Nationalist with a good awareness of the current increasingly desperate plight of the British people. I figured if I had little understanding of the enormous scope of the global drug-trafficking industry, then there will be many more who are in the same situation I was and this is an ignorance we British Nationalists simply cannot afford.

There are many enemies waging a war against the British people. Muslims prosecuting Islamic jihad, a jihad covering many areas including drug jihad, especially with the opiate drug heroin, is one enemy I will not discuss here as I prefer to write essays solely focusing on the nature of the threat posed by Islam. Most British nationalists are aware of Islamic jihad and its drug trafficking but here I want to concentrate on the cocaine trade and on the enemies of Britain few are aware of. Let us begin where the trade in cocaine begins.

Heart Of The Beast

The abundant coca farms of Colombia provide the raw material for the lucrative cocaine industry. Pickers - many of them entire families - pick leaves for eleven hours a day, six days a week with the farmers paying a wage of about £8 a day with accommodation provided. Land mines are rife, there are more in the fields of Colombia than the deserts of Iraq after an ill-conceived attempt by the Colombian and US governments to wipe out the farms.

Many pickers will suffer horrendous injuries from these deadly weapons but they have little alternative employment. After picking, the leaves are then processed by coca-kitchen workers to eventually produce the coca base fluid.

In addition to paying workers, farmers will also have to pay left-wing guerillas AND right-wing paramilitaries with the latter collaborating with military and government representatives to aid the trafficking of the drug from Colombia. These organisations are nothing more than terrorists who will murder opponents and who have massacred entire villages who they suspected of siding with the opposition. These terrorists also sew around 26,000 land mines every year and these mines kill three Colombians every day.

Corruption is rife, bribes all-too-easily accepted by law enforcers, soldiers and government officials of the countries that border Colombia enabling the drug to be distributed with little hindrance. Most of this money comes from drug trafficking so straight-away, you can see that other issues such as exploitation of workers and funding of terrorists in Colombia have already widened the debate and we're only at square one.

As well as paying various state officials and personnel as the drug crosses borders, another far more sinister party arrives to take control of the drug within borders, acting both as a middleman between the Colombian cartels and international dealers and pushers as well as dealing the drug themselves. Getting the cocaine out of Colombia and to the world's hungry and lucrative markets, especially the United States, Great Britain and Europe is the next and most important stage of the process with the cities of Miami, Amsterdam, Madrid and London forming the main hubs. Wherever cocaine is trafficked, criminal gangs will be heavily involved and one gang in particular has emerged as the dominant gang on the entire continent of America with absolutely devastating consequences for society.

An Army Of Ants

After the civil war in El Salvador came to an end in the mid 1980's guerrillas who had fought in the war banded together to form organized criminal gangs with the aim of dealing crack cocaine. Immigrants from El Salvador to the United States who had congregated in Los Angeles also became involved and as they grew in strength they formed the gang that has now become one of the most dangerous organized criminal gangs in the world today, "La Mara Salvatrucha Troce" - The MS-13.

The gang takes its name from its two main territories, La Mara Street in El Salvador and 13th Street in Los Angeles. The Salvatrucha is derived from the guerrillas who fought in the war, describing them as being like an army of ants. The MS-13 rules by outright and extreme violence and from its early beginnings in the mid 1980's it has already decimated 2 countries and has left behind it thousands of tortured and murdered victims in its wake.

The first nation to be decimated by the MS-13 was the once democratic state of Honduras. Before the tentacles of the MS-13 had wrapped themselves around Honduras, it had been a stable democracy, largely drug-free and with peaceful governance. As the MS-13 increased its criminal operations in Honduras, the country gradually fell apart. Trafficking crack cocaine generated huge revenue for MS-13, with the city of San Pedro Saula now an MS-13 territory boasting over 35,000 members many of whom of course are crack addicts. At around a dollar (US$1) a rock you can see how much money gangs can generate EVERY DAY and San Pedro Saula is just ONE city.

By the year 2000, Honduras had completely imploded and a state of war between the government, MS-13 - and by now, rival gangs who had formed to take a piece of the action, especially Dieciocho (18) - and anti-gang vigilantes who would shoot gang members on sight existed. In the most notorious incident, two MS-13 mobsters forced passengers off a public bus and executed all of them, children as well, with AK-47 and M-16 machine guns. The message was loud and clear: Don't get in our way - or else.

From the 13th Street of Los Angeles, the MS-13 has now spread across the states of the US to the east coast and the cities of New York and Washington. Washington, the capital of the US now harbours over 6000 MS-13 members and growing and the violence that blighted Honduras - along with crack cocaine - is now blighting the US as the death of a 16 year old boy who after having his hands amputated bled to death in an alley just a few blocks from the Whitehouse shows. Be in no doubt that the MS-13 have no mercy for those who cross them no matter what their age.

Age is also of little concern when it comes to new recruits. School-kids will be targeted and indoctrinated with MS-13 gang culture and all of them will be subjected to the gang's brutal initiation ceremony, a 13 second violent and intense gang assault which requires the recruit to take a severe beating without retaliating. Sex is of no concern either as girls will undergo the same beating with the small mercy that it will be administered by the female gang members.

Loyalty to the gang is paramount, betrayal merits the severest of punishments but the most severe and inhumane is reserved for any gang member who deals cocaine under their own steam, thus cutting out the gang from its share. These renegade dealers will be hacked to death with machetes, their bodies cut into little pieces and flushed down the toilet. The internal organs will be reserved and strung in prominent places for all to see and get the message: Do not cross MS-13. Woe betide those who do.

The MS-13 presents a huge threat to the future stability of the United States and one of the resources my Dutch friend recommended me was this excellent 5 part documentary on YouTube which features a testimony about MS-13 from a female member who turned grass and who paid the ultimate price. It is compulsive viewing and provides a valuable insight into the workings and the power of the MS-13:

"You live for your God and your Mum but you die for your gang."

MS-13 Documentary

What made my ears prick up was the statement made by the mobster about the MS-13 supplying LEGAL prescription drugs. Yet another angle to the debate rarely - if ever - discussed when debating the legalising of narcotics.

OK, you may now be thinking: "All well and good Reconquista but how does a Latin American criminal mob present a threat to Great Britain?"

They most certainly do because the next stage in our journey takes us to the Caribbean and to the British commonwealth realm of Jamaica. Now you will see the scope of what is being done to our people and why I class it as a war against us.

Mule Train

Although one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Jamaica is a country that has been continually beset by problems. The political scene is turbulent with both main parties having connections to criminal militias to control voting. Gang crime is rife with the notorious "yardies" as the kingpins of Jamaican organized crime, crime in which drugs have long formed a lucrative stream of income for the gangsters.

Then came the MS-13 bringing with them the most addictive narcotic in the world, crack cocaine. Seizing the opportunity, the militias evolved and have developed drug-trafficking networks to take Colombian cocaine to the international markets. These Jamaican gangs are enormously powerful, and they, just like their MS-13 counterparts, rule with brutal and extreme violence.

Political corruption has now firmly taken root with Jamaican ghettos run by "Community Leaders" who are nothing more than drug barons. They wield enormous influence over the ghettos and this influence is used to gain votes for politicians in return for political protection. Money generated from the sale of crack also greases the greedy palms of politicians, with even Prime Ministers demanding the release of drug barons in their protection.

Poverty is rife in Jamaica and the apart from joining gangs, the only way out of poverty for most Jamaicans is to become a "drug mule". Drug mules - most of them women including pregnant women - will be paid to carry the cocaine from Jamaica to North America, Europe and of course Great Britain and will deploy a variety of methods to conceal the drug: in seams of trousers, false compartments in suitcases, hollowed out heels and commonly, swallowing tightly-wrapped cocaine tablets - risky business because the tiniest hole in the wrap or even a split will cause a lethal dose of cocaine to be released into the stomach resulting in an agonising death.

Jamaican drug mules are responsible for providing 65% of the cocaine that reaches Great Britain. These mules will earn up to £5000 for each trip and given that the average salary in Jamaica is £1500 a year, you can see why many choose to take the risk. Here's another shocking statistic: One third of all women in prison in England and Wales are Jamaican drug mules.

However, although these mules are hoping to build a better life for themselves and their families, they are doing it without any regard for the devastating consequences endured by people who ingest the poison they carry and deliver, including children and teenagers and little if any sympathy should be afforded to drug mules, they are every bit an enemy of the British people as the gangsters.

Indeed the gangsters themselves have no pity, drug mules are just beasts of burden and patsys for them, ten of whom will die each year, with many more suffering cocaine poisoning. But the scale of how much cocaine these mules bring into the UK is astronomical as the following taken from the superb book "Crackhouse" demonstrates:

In 1999 UK Deputy High Commissioner In Jamaica Phil Sinkinson provided this CONSERVATIVE estimate:

One in ten passengers on a flight to the UK is a mule.

If 1 in 10 passengers are mules, this equates to a conservative estimate of TWENTY KILOS OF COCAINE per flight.

There are four flights every day for 50 weeks a year to the UK from Jamaica.

1 kilo of cocaine converted into crack is worth between £60,000 and £90,000.

This means that TWENTY TONNES OF COCAINE EVERY YEAR WORTH £1.2 BILLION is brought into the UK by Jamaican drug mules.

Oh, and surprise raids on Jamaican airliners conducted at London Heathrow and Amsterdam Schiphol found DOUBLE these conservative estimates at London and QUADRUPLE at Amsterdam.

Can you see why I call this a war against Britain? No? Well how about the fact that the Jamaican Police force was discovered to have formed an alliance with the Colombian drug cartels? The game is to make our people dependent on their poison so they can make millions of pounds whilst our society collapses. How anyone can regard this as anything other than a war I do not know.

Perhaps the next stage of our journey will convince any doubter. Because now the cocaine has reached our nation, it will be delivered to the various dealers and gangs who will carefully mix and heat the cocaine with sodium bicarbonate until the liquid escapes from the crystals with an accompanying cracking sound. Crack cocaine is now ready to be pushed onto Britons craving the exhilarating, sky-high rush it quickly delivers.

Let's Share The Crack

Here's another appalling statistic. In the Daily Mail edition of 21st August 2009, it reported that there are 350,000 heroin and crack addicts in the United Kingdom raking in up to £1.6 billion in benefits. These are of course the ones the authorities know about. What's important to note here is that many users indulge the habit of taking heroin AND crack cocaine, often one after the other in what is termed as "back to back".

Crack cocaine is one of the most addictive narcotics there is. The intense high is delivered very quickly and wears off slowly. Users describe it as being akin to blasting to orbit in a rocket and floating back down on a feather. One hit is all it can take to make a user addicted and once addicted they will be the slave of their addiction, each hour of each day devoted to obtaining the delirious high only crack can provide.

Such a sweet high produces an intense craving in the user and will lead many of them into a downward spiral where they engage in all manner of unsavoury and criminal behaviours so they can afford to buy a fix: Thieving, mugging, begging, dealing drugs, prostitution, dealing guns - whatever it takes to feed their habit, a habit that costs on average £500 a week.

The behaviours crack induces in addicts are quite distressing. The first waking moment will involve inhaling from the - empty from the night before - crack pipe. Desperation takes hold and the addict will now use their fingers to comb through the carpet and the floor in the hope of discovering a tiny rock that will bring ecstasy, referred to as "ghost-busting". As crack addicts are meticulous with their precious rock, ghost-busting will always end in frustration, their desperation for crack further stoked, lost zombies controlled by the overwhelming need for crack.

Crack induces "ticks" in users, such as scratching imaginary itches to the point of severe bleeding, rubbing heads against walls, continually searching through pockets or continually feeling objects such as balls. Many will be totally unaware of this behaviour.

Debts mount for addicts, the more debts they accumulate the more they crave the relief from the fear of them only crack can provide. Marriages are destroyed, once loving crack-addicted husbands beat their wives, once loving wives become crack whores to feed their habit, all because of addiction to crack. To obtain money, addicts will indulge in benefit fraud, mugging and petty crime such as pick-pocketing.

Muggings will be carried out against any target deemed easy and the consequences suffered by the victim are irrelevant to the attacker. Shattered confidence, depression and physical scars will blight the victim's life for years but the money stolen from them will last just minutes in the addict's crack pipe. Then it'll be someone else's turn to become an unwitting victim of crack addiction. Some addicts graduate into serious crime such as armed robbery.

Anything goes to get crack. Anything.

And there's no "honour among thieves" in the crack world. As well as addicts stealing from each other, street dealers will be robbed by other street dealers with appalling violence deployed without mercy. To prevent their crack being stolen, one of the most disgusting tactics street dealers deploy is to hide their stash in bushes protected by dirty needles. Street dealers who are caught dealing on a gang's patch will be slashed, battered senseless or shot. This is not a game where players play nice.

Fallen Angels

Perhaps most distressing of all regards the exploitation of girls and women whose addiction to crack leaves them wide open to the various perverts and predators surrounding the drugs industry. Teenage girls are targeted by pimps, who will first impress them as they play the role of loving boyfriend. Gradually, drugs and then crack will be introduced and from that moment the girl is under the control of the pimp.

First she will be played with a guilt trip to "do your share to pay for rock", then encouraged to have unprotected sex with the pimp and a friend, then more and more "friends". Eventually, the girls will indulge in dangerous and perverted sex including gang banging groups of perverts all engaging in unprotected sex just to earn £150 and every penny of it will all be spent on crack - supplied courtesy of the pimp of course.

Crack addicted teenage girls are exploited mercilessly and the younger they are the better. 12, 13 and 14 year old girls will be so desperate for crack they will let perverts use them in any filthy way so they will be given crack and pimps will supply crack-addicted teens to paedophiles. The girls simply don't care what is done to them they crave the crack hit and this is all they think about, all that matters in life. The only way they can make money to feed their addiction is to sell their tender young bodies to satiate the depraved lust of beasts.

Adult women fare no better and their addiction to crack leads them into performing all manner of extreme and perverted sexual acts. Extreme filthy acts such as "the hit kiss" where addicts will blow crack smoke into each others mouths or into the vagina or anus. But the ultimate for a crack addicted male is to experience the "double master blast". This is where the crack whore will perform oral sex on the addict with the goal of timing his orgasm at the same time the crack rush hits. If she times it right she will be rewarded with crack. If she times it wrong...

...and the possibility of this is more likely. Crack induces intense sexual urges but in males, prolonged usage leads to impotence. If the guy cannot produce an erection, the girl will be blamed and as well as denying her the precious crack, she will be battered and beaten, sometimes repeatedly, always severely.

The brutal truth of the crack world is that men who own the crack are able to manipulate the sexual encounters with addicts and all he has to do is withhold the drug. If she doesn't want to swallow his semen or have unprotected sex with him and his friends - no crack. The addict will always cave in, they crave the crack and in time they will be desperate for clients. STDs are rife, and for many crack whores, personal hygiene is non-existent. Pimps will force these girls to have group sex, sex with each other and with other addicts all unprotected and all controlled by crack and HIV is an increasing problem with 1 in 25 crack addicts HIV positive.

Please don't be fooled into believing crack whores come from the poorer areas of our society. Crack makes whores out of girls and women from all types of backgrounds. One pertinent example being a high-class crack whore in London. When her grand home was raided by the Police, not only did they find a thriving cannabis farm, they found copious amounts of crack and over ONE MILLION POUNDS IN CASH. This was a whore with clients in high places and when she informed the judge that most of her money was made from prostitution, he was all too keen to believe her story and allowed her to keep around £300,000 of it.

By the way, this raid represents just ONE example of ONE house in ONE city, our once magnificent capital London.

Mother's Ruin

Many of the girls and women whoring for crack will fall pregnant and not only will they continue smoking crack, they will continue to provide sexual favours to fund their addiction. A mother addicted to crack will give birth to babies sharing her addiction and many babies will overdose on crack whilst breast-feeding, fatally so. Another risk of smoking crack during pregnancy is giving birth to babies with spina bifida.

As crack addicted mothers aren't responsible enough to look after their children, many of these kids will end up being taken into care. In 2006, 20,000 innocent victims of crack and subsequent parental neglect were placed into care and out of a total of 60,000 kids in care, 34% of the cases were drug-related.

For mothers who have had their kids taken from them and placed into state care, the emotional void will be filled by further pregnancies and in one case, a crack addicted mother had 15 children taken into care, what an absolutely tragic circle to go around, all because of crack.

Children of crack addicts placed into care will suffer long-term psychological consequences all of which will be exploited by crack dealers. Kids are ruthlessly targeted by crack dealers, especially street dealers who will use children - they call them "tinies" - as runners to take crack from dealer to client. Tinies are less likely to attract the law and are also easily intimidated and controlled by the dealers. Once in the gang world, it will be very hard for them to leave.

These kids learn just how lucrative drug dealing is. How do you explain to these kids that it is better to stay away from gangs and drugs and to find a decent job to provide for yourself and your family when they know they can make more in a week or a month than most people earn in a year?

That many of them will never earn the vast amounts made by the serious players is irrelevant. They know the rewards on offer and they will chase them come what may. As one said: "Why should I cook fries and get no respect for 18 grand a year when in just 6 months of dealing I can buy my own restaurant?"

Another issue surrounds a cultural change in British youth who are adopting black gangsta culture and attitudes - respect and disrespect, way they talk, the way they dress, the way they act and the way they arrogantly demand respect for nothing in return - or else. All of this is contributing to the breakdown of British society.

Dawn Of A New Age

Since the turn of the new millennium, Great Britain has been gradually suffering more and more from the effects of crack cocaine. Cruel and inhumane murders - Mary Ann Leneghan, WPC Sharon Beshenivsky, Jesse James to name but a few infamous ones - all victims of crack addicts. Others such as the five prostitutes murdered in Ipswich by Steve Wright died whilst selling their bodies to fund their crack addiction.

As crack has spread from London, crack-related deaths have increased nine-fold and in Aberdeen, the number of crack addicts increased by a staggering 600 per cent in just five years and the trade in crack there - where it is five times the price in London - is worth a stratospheric ten million pounds A WEEK!

Shootings in the UK have seen a three-fold increase and in 2006, London saw two people shot every day. As crack spreads to other UK cities so too does violent crime along with it. Gang hitmen will shoot anyone who gets in the way, from addicts, dealers and rival gang members to children and witnesses - and their families - who dare to give evidence against them.

Such is the reality of crack and I've only scratched the surface here. I will provide resources at the end but before I bring this essay to a close, there is one more enemy to be aware of, an enemy that illustrates the power of the Colombian drug cartels and how cocaine is being used as a chemical weapon of warfare that destroys nations, a weapon now being deployed against Great Britain and the British people.

Out Of Africa

There is a tiny country located on the West African coast with a population of just 1.6 million, a tiny country where poverty is rife, the life expectancy is just forty years and starvation is common. Its fishing stocks have been raided by European fishers thus destroying the main source of income. It is an undeveloped nation where electricity and communications infrastructure is at best basic.

Very few Britons will have heard of the place let alone possess an awareness of its role in the trafficking of cocaine yet Guinea-Bissau is fast becoming one of the major centres for cocaine trafficking on the planet. All because a shipwreck lead to fishermen discovering a stash of cocaine and when the Colombians arrived to buy back what was left, they showed the natives how to use cocaine and how to cook it to create its highly-addictive derivative, crack.

From having zero crack addicts to hundreds of them in less than a year, addicts are bringing the same degenerate behaviours and criminality described in this essay to this tiny nation.

For the drugs cartels, Guineau-Bissau provides a lawless hub from where they are able to distribute enormous quantities of cocaine into Europe. With little in the way of law enforcement to stop them, the cartels teamed up with the military and quickly enabled cocaine to become the country's main export and source of income. Government corruption once again is rife as the country becomes gripped by the drugs industry.

Cocaine is now trafficked into Europe from Africa, via the already established networks used to smuggle cannabis from Morocco into Great Britain. The Colombian drugs cartels have established themselves and have built luxury villas for themselves and smaller homes including swimming pools for those who aided them.

To give you an idea of the scale of what we are facing, it is now estimated that one third of the cocaine being smuggled into Europe is being trafficked from Guinea-Bissau. It is now easier than ever for cocaine to be brought into Great Britain and it is now easier than ever for cocaine and crack to be dealt in our towns and cities. Such an abundance of cocaine means the street price has now dropped making it more widely affordable for all.

What occurred to me whilst writing this is essay is the contrast between how the white man brought medicine to bring life to Africa whereas the blacks from Jamaica and now Guinea-Bissau bring medicine to the West - to Great Britain - that takes life, it matters not how many lives are ruined because they're whites - crackers. And blacks still whine about slavery and colonialism, curiously silent about the malicious actions of their own. But I digress.

Failing to realise that this is a war against our people will result in one outcome: destruction of our people and our nation. Right now, Great Britain is failing to defend its borders in more ways than one. Cocaine is poisoning our people, the more of our people who are poisoned the more devastating the impact upon our society and the more easier it is for enemies to achieve their goals of subjugating us, conquering us and ultimately, destroying us.


The liberal approach to drugs again has tolerance at the core. Yet we've seen repeatedly how tolerance fails. Liberals demanded the removal of the death penalty and a focus on education and rehabilitation claiming it would reduce murders - it didn't work. Let's tolerate homosexuality they said and now homosexuality isn't just tolerated liberals are now encouraging it and promoting it to kids. Let's tolerate other people and other cultures they said. Look where that is taking us.

Now liberals demand we legalise drugs again citing education as being the most effective way to combat the drug problem. This would mean legalising ALL drugs, including heroin and of course crack cocaine. Failing to legalise these will just increase their appeal.

But I wonder how many "enlightened" liberals would be proud to see their 13 year old daughter being exploited by paedophiles who know she'll do ANYTHING for crack. Perhaps they could educate her in how to perform the perfect blow-job for a crack addict to deliver the "master blast" so she doesn't get used as a punch-bag or a football? No way to avoid that if the guy can't get wood though, but never mind they'll do it anyway.

Would liberals beam with pride to see their teenage sons injecting heroin in government safe houses with their friends? Perhaps dad and lad could share a crack pipe and maybe do "back to back" with a shot of heroin? And what family doesn't dream of seeing their well-educated drug aware kids using cocaine or heroin regularly in a "responsible" way? Never mind they'll do it anyway.

What parental love for our young to give them legal access to highly-addictive substances; to encourage them to take powerful narcotics that can make them impotent, confused, violent, hyper-active and paranoid. Poisons that can send them into a downward spiral that causes their lives to implode and leaves them vulnerable and at the mercy of malicious predators and perverts ever-ready to pounce, ever-ready to exploit lost and abandoned souls.

As British Nationalists, what aspirations are we holding for our people if we tell them it's perfectly fine to use narcotics that will not only poison their bodies, but also the bodies of their babies?

And people wonder why I say the white race is behaving like lemmings. This liberal approach to legalising drugs is a line of thinking that says well if only it were legal then all of the nasty problems would go away. I suggest they wouldn't, that some would worsen and that new problems would occur, including the trafficking of prescription drugs. Legalising drugs will not stop the crime that comes with gangs and their territory and there is no way with the amounts of power, control and money involved that the gangs and cartels will simply say: "Right, that's us then, we'll clear off now and let you get on with it."

Then there is the issue of the state becoming a pusher and of pharmaceutical companies becoming involved in a gang war to secure the supply of cocaine to their laboratories along with asking them to produce highly addictive substances that ruin health not improve it. All this at a time when smoking has been banned in all public places! What madness.

I stated that I have only scratched the surface so here's a couple of excellent resources for you to discover more about the reality of gangs, drug trafficking, corruption and of course, the harrowing realities endured by crack addicts.

1. Crackhouse, By Harry Keeble. I strongly recommend this book about how a copper destroyed the Crackhouses in Tottenham. It is a compelling read, I really couldn't put it down. The London gang scene is discussed in detail and you'll also meet some of the nastiest most violent gangsters from Jamaica and the US who brought horror, death and destruction to the UK along with the distressing experiences endured by addicts.

2. I found this whilst researching for the essay. Re-instating the death penalty is a BNP policy and this site provides a superb, reasoned and rational argument to support capital punishment.

Evidence To Support Capital Punishment

Regarding drugs and Councillor Edwards' comment, I agree with him, in fact I would have no problem with making dealers and pushers eat their poison with the first three being filmed. That is my personal view. However, I know many would recoil at this so death by lethal injection would have my full support. The scum who push their poison deserve it, I have absolutely no sympathy for any of them, the same as they have for their victims.

3. Finally, another documentary I found that provided gripping and informative viewing. This one is about the 18th Street Gang, how they control their territory, how they punish those who cross them and it also includes footage of girls being initiated into the gang.

18th Street Gang Documentary

I assert that the cartels and gangs - including collaborating governments - are waging another form of asymmetric warfare against our people. It is a war that is destroying our people and our nation while these enemies prosper and further their goal of destroying us. They will not go away, they have to be fought and I believe this is the duty of every British Nationalist.

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