Sunday, October 25, 2009

Charlize Theron kissed a girl ... and the charity that scored $140K liked it

Ja ja, I know what's this got to do with anything? Dunno, don't care, like any hot blooded male, I jes like to see pretty chicks kissing. Still, $140K is pretty steep even for a smooch with Charlize.

Charlize Theron kissed a girl - and the charity that'll benefit must have liked it!

The liplock went for $140,000 at a charity auction for the organization OneXone Thursday night in San Francisco, reports

The statuesque South African actress, 34, appeared at a live auction event and gala for the group, which works to improve the overall health and living conditions of children living in poor countries.

Theron at first offered a 2010 South Africa trip - complete with World Cup tickets, a safari trip and a chance to meet Nelson Mandela.

When bidding lagged at $37,000, Theron reportedly raised the stakes by tossing in the kiss and the bidding war began.

A female attendee outbid a man in the audience by $5,000 to win the kiss.

Source: New York Daily News

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