Monday, October 26, 2009

Brit Teenagers Reveal Their Greatest Heroes

Martin Luther King, Moses and Simon Cowell are three of our all-time greatest leaders, according to today's teenagers. England footballer John Terry, Gurkha champion Joanna Lumley and business guru Lord Sugar also made the top 10. X Factor judge Cowell won the same percentage of the vote as Mother Teresa and Henry VIII, in the survey commissioned by the Prince's Trust. Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela came in the top three with King. According to the survey, 70% of teenagers say they are more likely be inspired by someone they know than by a celebrity.


Notice that MLK, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela are actually the top three, although the prose attempts to hide this fact.

Bear in mind too that these kids come from the land of Winston Churchill, Admiral Nelson, and the Duke of Wellington (ok he was Irish but you get my meaning). Modern historiography emphasises the failings and failures of our former heroes with the result that we now eschew our greatest and best in favour of celebrities. Are we that horrified by our past?

On the other hand, it is good to see Joanna Lumley and Alan Sugar on the list, because it shows that, in spite of what adults think, teenagers do occasionally glance up from their Playstations and crack pipes to examine the issues of the day.

Lest I collapse into despair, I am forced to interpret the results as follows. Nearly all black and Asian teens surveyed picked one of the top three (on the assumption that they have fewer options as role models), whereas the majority white kids were more selective and had a more diverse range of candidates to choose from, thus diluting the results.

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Exzanian said...

pshaw!!! Anyone under 25 in the UK is a wanker!

Anonymous said...

Shows you the extent of peecee indoctrination and level of intellect of the youth today. It's swank to show everyone how in touch you are with your non-racist self. Forget Newton, Shakespeare, Mozart, Einstein and all the hundreds of brilliant white people that have enriched their lives and that of others, they would rather pick racist activists and terrorists as their heroes.