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Black culture stuck in the Neolithic Age

Perhaps it's time to throw in the towel with these people. There's just no closing the gap. A culture stuck in a rut 10 000 years old when discovered 350 years ago seemingly cannot make the leap to the 21st century try as whitey might. It cannot invent, it cannot create, it cannot live peacefully, it cannot learn quick enough. Whites had 10 000 years to develop their minds to suit the 21st century, blacks did not. The black man holding the cellphone may be physically standing in the year 2009 but his mind belongs to 10 000BC. Here then is some more TKB.

Opportunities in the medical field……

The albino tribe butchered to feed a gruesome trade in 'magical' body parts
Muti killing, chilling screams heard
African witchdoctor charged with muti-murders of 2 white farmers

Muti murder: babysitter held -
6 year old killed
Another victim of muti serial killer
Body parts cut from corpses

Accusations of witchcraft among the community of Needs Camp, outside East London, has led to the death of a 77-year-old woman who was burned to death in her shack on Sunday.

Police spokesperson Captain Stephen Marais confirmed that police had been called to the scene. When they arrived they found a burning shack and the burnt body of a woman next to it.

“Three other family members fled to save their lives as the
community also wanted them,” said Marais.

He said police also rescued a young woman, believed to be the daughter of the deceased, who was later placed under police guard as a group of community members accused her and her mother of witchcraft.

He said a case of murder and arson had been opened at Fleet Street police station but no arrests had been made.

When the Daily Dispatch visited Needs Camp yesterday morning, only bed frames and steel material could be seen in what had once been a home. Zinc materials were badly burnt and only a dog was at the site.

According to a neighbour, who refused to be named, firefighters were called to extinguish the fire, the flames of which, she said, were so high they almost reached the powerlines above.

Youth leader Siyabulela Gxogxa said he did not know who had started the fire but it was after the deceased woman had allegedly confessed to a group of residents on Saturday that she had been responsible for the recent killings in the area.

Gxogxa said the woman had allegedly confessed to using young people to kill one another to pursue her witchcraft mission. “I don’t know who started the fire but all I know is that we have had so many deaths due to stabbing of young men; almost every Sunday,” said Gxogxa.

But one woman told the Daily Dispatch that people were now living in fear because, they said, a group of people within the community was accusing elderly women of witchcraft and threatening to kill them.

Yesterday morning a group of young people held a meeting where they urged anyone who had information on who started the fire to come forward. The meeting also looked at how young people could ensure that similar incidents did not happen again.

Another meeting was held in the afternoon . Police were visible in the area to safeguard against any violence erupting. Local ward councillor Bathini Booi said he heard about the incident and could not believe it.

He said he was very saddened about what had happened, and also disappointed by the actions of the community if it was found that they had been responsible. - Daily Dispatch

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Anonymous said...

What is TKB?

h said...

Typical Kaffir Behaviour

Dachshund said...

You also get TLB = Typical Liberal Behaviour. I was struck by the naivete of freelance writer Ryan Peter who expressed surprise in The Times at how African leaders, including Zuma, resort to inept neo-colonialism instead of the ubuntu principles of justice and morality.

Anonymous said...

I thought the kaffir word is not used in this blog
Why we are white refugees.

Anonymous said...

We're not averse to it, used when needed of course albeit sparingly.

Sean Williams said...

You might want to get your facts right before spouting this total rubbish. First of all, where on earth have you got this Neolithic idea from? As a history writer I can tell you that witchcraft continued into the late 17th century thanks to whites in that famous African country, the USA. Neolithic culture has got absolutely nothing to do with anything you're saying here.

As for the idea that these sorts of witchcraft cases put black society back thousands of years, you obviously haven't heard of the absurdity that's gripped Ireland over the past hundred years, where people are brutally tortured and murdered on their own doorsteps for calling themselves Catholics or Protestant - two 'white' religions that, lest we forget, pride themselves on ridiculous pomp and ceremony that'd have a witchdoctor reeling in embarrassment. The same goes for S. America and, most famously, the Middle East. What's Neolithic about these countries? I do believe it was a white South African government which implemented the backwards idea of apartheid, and a white German government which implemented the insane idea of Nazism.

I'm not about to condone almost anything Zuma has done; the man's a raping, murdering crook. But then so have been a thousand white leaders. The mix of conflicting black and white cultures has crippled South Africa, not black culture alone. Do you really think you'd have this problem without apartheid?

It's not PC-gone-mad not to call someone a K*ffir; neither is it PC-gone-mad to call black culture 'Neolithic'. These are common decencies that, if applied to everyday life, break down the cultural, racial and religious difference you so hastily uphold. Neolithic culture was defined by peoples anxious to segregate; to divide and conquer. Thus it is you that, if anyone, is stuck in the Neolithic ages. And I bet you don't even have the guts to print this.

Anonymous said...

@Sean Wiliams. Is it total rubbish Sean, or is the reality so morally repugnant that you cannot bring yourself to accept the truth? A history writer hey, no doubt a revisionist; and you tell us with a straight face, as if, somehow you are dealing with facts and truth.

I'm not going to waste my time refuting all your ridiculous claims; it has been done many times before. I will single out a few prize gems though.

"Do you really think you'd have this problem without apartheid?"

Are you serious Sean? Do people still believe this nonesense? Is that what you write; how to effectively scapegoat? In the absence of any evidence, other than a correlation, you and your other wanker liberals truly believe the world would have been a more just and peaceful place, if it weren't for Apartheid. What do you think the Africans were doing for eons before the settlers arrival, peacefully going about their business? You really need to stop eating those magic mushrooms.

As for common decency, this is a concept expounded by a civilised society, hardly one that is primitive or neolithic. Neolithic may be too generous a term anyway, more like paleolithic. So there is no expectation or extension of decency, by average sub-Saharan paleolithic blacks.

Viking said...

@Sean Williams

This sort of stuff goes on in South Africa everyday. If it's not burning witches, it's cutting up kids for muti "medicine" or people paying months' wages for the Sangoma's "blessing".
Sure, our ancestors burnt witches. But THEY STOPPED. And they didn't have the luxury of proximity to a more advanced, "civilised", people to emulate. They figured out for themselves that there was a better way.
South Africans have had contact with the outside world for a good few years now, and have not learnt.
That's the difference.

Anonymous said...

@ Sean Williams, as Viking put it "But THEY STOPPED". That's it right there. Any ideas which millennium blacks will catch up and stop their voodoo crap? Whites did it without the aid of mass-education mediums like television and radio which helps to educate people, the same info blacks have been exposed so why the disparity? The people buying these muti human body parts are not just your rural uneducated but include your educated businessmen who place these 'orders' via cellphone. What's the problem, when will this conduct cease?

Anonymous said...

Well put VI.

Anonymous said...

@ Dasch... Isn't TLB the same as TKB with a slightly thicker veneer of civility?

@ Thread... Who is this Sean Williams? Methinks the guy is some kind of sicko masochist. He gets ripped a new one every time he posts...