Tuesday, October 06, 2009

ASA Rep, Hendrik Mokganyetsi, Shows His Colours

It seems it has become wholesale practise to behave like a bunch of savage goons. This thuggish behaviour belies a sick and regressive culture. Apparently it no longer bothers the ANC what anybody thinks.

Source: Sowetan

Former 400m athlete Hendrik Mokganyetsi, now a board member of Athletics South Africa, today denied involvement in an athletes meeting being disrupted at the weekend. He charged that racism could be behind the reports. (Of course you dumb schmuck, you are the racist)

In a statement issued from the ASA offices, Mokganyetsi was quoted as saying: "Some media reports have created an impression that I organised a mob of drunks that disrupted a meeting of athletes in Pretoria over the weekend.

"I want to state it categorically that I never did such a thing. (Eh we, such a thing, neh)

"The meeting spiralled into chaos when the organisers couldn’t give an agenda for that meeting. I did not see any drunken mob, unless we are ‘drunks reeking of alcohol’ merely because we are African athletes." (If the hat fits my broer)

He continued: "The reason that has been advanced as rationale for this lie, that I disrupted or caused the disruption of the meeting, is that I am a supporter of ASA president Leonard Chuene. Again, this is mischievous as Mr Chuene remains the president of ASA, of which I am a board member. I find it ludicrous that, as a board member, there would be assertions that I support the president of ASA, it is a given". (Say, what?)

"It is also worth mentioning that ... a group of athletes getting together and adopting motions would still require the involvement of ASA if they are to be acted upon. I serve on the ASA board as a representative of athletes, and I fail to see why I should not attend meetings like the one in question."

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Anonymous said...

Looks like we had similar thoughts. I posted FF+'s response. You're right, the ANC is done with feigning democracy. It doesn't care. It has 5 more years in which to close the deal and shape the place to suit it a la Mugarbage. This was a long time coming.

Anonymous said...

I fear the game is over; it has been for awhile. But the hand wringers have felt they were still in with a chance.

Anonymous said...

I find the second last paragraph incredulous. To me, that sums the state of politics in SA. Lie to protect lies.

AMB said...

Dumber and dumberer. Hua!