Friday, October 02, 2009

ANC to turn police reservists into glorified guards

Apparently the meaning of 'volunteering' is also a white-voodoo imperialist concept foreign to the ANC. In my estimation reservists are more valuable than ordinary SAPS members because they offer their services and put their lives on the line for free. This is commitment. However another bonehead idea from the ANC has emerged that will lead to problems down the line. This is typical. They take what isn't broken and 'fix' it in that, um, special African way, the way that causes it to stop working until they need to roep die baas .

Crime being a national disaster that affects everyone should be tackled by everyone - and the ANC should be seeking the input of all political parties and experts - but such is the arrogance of the ANC that it won't because doing so is admitting that blacks can't govern properly and for a black nationalist organisation that is a big no-no. So we dig a bigger hole.

SAPS should respect reservists - IFP

SAPS mustn't disempower reservists - DA

Dianne Kohler Barnard condemns proposal to downgrade status of volunteer police officer.

A Draft National Instruction on the South African Reserve Police Service, which directly concerns the country's reservists, has been met by outrage and opposition by reservists themselves and the Democratic Alliance (DA) has been flooded with responses, some of which follow below. The draft, in effect, disempowers reservists, places a greater burden on the SAPS in terms of time and resources and simply demonstrates that the government is not really serious about crime in South Africa.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is in possession of a copy of the draft, which is available on request.

The DA has been contacted by reservists from around the country protesting many of the provisions outlined in this draft instruction.

The main objections are:
  • the categorisation of reservists which confines them to sectors, thereby limiting their abilities. It will also mean that reservists will not be able to be deployed to areas where they are most needed.
  • Reservist uniforms, insignia, badges and buttons are to clearly distinguish them from permanent members. Reservists perform the same duties as permanent members, and have always worn SAPS uniforms. This will rip apart any notion of a team, a team that is expected to work together. It will also create an additional financial burden on the SAPS and will create countless administrative difficulties. Many reservists feel that this makes them "second class volunteers" and will lead to massive resignations.
  • Reservists may not be utilised to perform day-to-day policing. Reservists assist the SAPS in all duties, by limiting this assistance, the Police Service will be severely affected.
The DA will write to the Minister, to ask him to take up this matter personally and to review the proposals set forth in this National Instruction. If this draft goes forward in its present form, the functioning of the SAPS will be hampered and it will have serious consequences on security in South Africa. We consider these draft proposals to be extremely offensive towards the brave men and women who voluntarily give of their time to protect the rest of us.

Below are some comments from the reservists that have contacted us:


  • "If the SAPS wants people of honour, dignity and respect in its ranks, the SAPS has to provide those who are prepared to take a bullet for their country, for no monetary reward, with the honour, dignity and respect they deserve"
  • "The management of the SAPS has been incredibly ungrateful to the enormous efforts of the Reservists' contributions to the SAPS"
  • "We feel that the draft document does contain some good suggestions, but the worry factor is the careless manner in which several proposals have been put forth without regarding their implications."
Port Elizabeth:

  • The draft document has "single handedly created the biggest slit between Permanent and Reservists members that I have seen in my 20 years service with the SAPS"
  • "For senior management to...send members into the field with the word ‘Reservist' inscribed on them and in different uniforms and insignia, is nothing less than a recipe for disaster. One may just as well consider placing a target on their backs".

  • "The general feeling [is] that government is trying to make GLORIFIED SECURITY GUARDS of the reservists"
  • "if this Draft was in-forced there will be a mass resignation of reservists"
Location Unknown:

  • "The implementation...will result in many members who have shown years of dedication to leave the reservist police service...maybe the writer of this draft is so far removed from the daily operation of the SAPS that he or she does not realise what reservists actually do".
Statement issued by Dianne Kohler Barnard, Democratic Alliance shadow minister of police.

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Anonymous said...

Hasn't malemas hemaphrodites got something to do with this?..

"the racist reservist neighbour who complained about the shitfaced malema's boombox taxi music"...

Quark said...

This is no mistake or error of judgement. It is an extremely aggressive, negative and retrograde move which is clearly intended to further remove whitey from the police force and isolate the police community from the public. As long as members of the public are involved with the police as reservists, we still have a small measure of protection against tyranny. Once this safeguard has been removed, the police force/SADF will be instruments and tools of the megalomaniacs that head the ANC, for them to use as they please a la Mugarbage. I view this as an extremely serious development, far worse than the disbanding of the commandos.

Anonymous said...

This is all part of the master plan to disarm whites.
The commandos were disbanded.
Whites are openly and officially discriminated in the police and militarily so that they eventually have to leave. Now the last few are treated like cargaurds so that they also just get out.

The annihilation of the white race may just be a far greater reality than any of us may suspect

Anonymous said...

@ Quark...
Spot on. This is a very sinister move.

@ Loggi...
Yep. Get food, ammo and fuel.
Oh, and get more ammo.

This is NOT a good development. This will open the whites up to genocide. Mark my words. Already the cadres are in control of most police stations. Already the cadres are in complete control of the military.

Remove the reservists and the whites have almost no "early warning" system left.

Dig deep fuckers and grab your cocks and drop your jocks and kiss your arses goodbye. It's going to be WILD!!!

What happens in the next 12 to 18 months will decide the fate of the whites in Africa, and later in the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

As if this news was not bad enough.

The terrorist Mo Shaik is the new head of the SA Secret Service