Sunday, October 04, 2009

ANC admits it is corrupt

The African National Congress has begun circulating a discussion document that pulls no punches in describing how state power has corrupted many of its leaders. The document says the acquisition of power has brought "stresses and strains on the values, culture, character and practices" of the ruling party.

The document also states that state power has also brought about the development of "social distance and bureaucratic elitism, arrogance of power, careerism and corruption.

The "moral and ideological degeneration among rank and file (and the) use of state institutions to fight inner party battles" are referred to in the document as the negative effects of state power and described as "sins of incumbency or ruling-party syndrome".

The document was drawn up by the Gauteng ANC provincial executive committee and has been circulated to the party's Luthuli House headquarters as well as to all party structures in Gauteng.

The document was circulated to the ANC structures only a few weeks before last week's national executive committee meeting where party leader President Jacob Zuma is said to have described the ANC as "sick" because of internal party battles sparked by the desire to gain access to state resources.

"At the core of these sins of incumbency," says the document, "is that a vibrant organisational culture and inner-party discourse is replaced by battles for the control of state resources that goes with it.

"Factionalism and divisions centre less on ideological questions and more (on) the struggle for control of the state and the organisation for self gain and for dispensing patronage."

The document, drafted as part of efforts towards the party's strategy of "renewal" as the ANC approaches its 2012 conference, says the party's survival and resilience can only be found in its "enormous capacity for self-reflection and self-correction".

It says the ANC and systems of government need to be ushered into a new era of renewal, otherwise the ANC was likely to repeat some of the mistakes rejected by the party at its Polokwane conference.

"One such cardinal mistake is to subordinate the political life of the movement to the goings-on in the state and (to) pay scant or rhetorical attention to genuine mass work and popular mobilisation."

The document suggests that the ANC should not only lead communities and sectors during election campaigns but remain visible in communities all the time.

The ANC should put in place a credible and efficient membership system, it says. On deployment of members to government, the document says the process needs to be more transparent and objective.

"For the renewal to succeed, it requires clear and decisive collective leadership at all levels of organisation - courage and determination to fearlessly tackle tendencies that are beginning to erode the ANC values, culture and principles and besmirch its image, integrity and reputation," says the document.

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The character flaw of the ANC boons is only amplified if you let them near big money. They did steal small amounts before they managed to get their grubby fingers into the bigger tills. Nothing on earth will change their character. One can only hope ( in vain )for a decrease in opportunity.

Anonymous said...

You cannot undo rot. The ANC will remain rotten until it dies which we hope won't be too long and hopefully too before it has destroyed the country.

daBuzzd said...

Too late, hero. Warned you, warned you, warned you. But you were too busy engaged in your SAfrica, the get-rich-quick-scheme to care. ay?

Exzanian said...

These blek brothers of ours are simply living off the interest of a bank account that was created by the whites over a period of decades and centuries. Sooner or later it's going to run out. They have contributed nothing, added zero value and created sweet fuck all....

Anonymous said...

@ daBuzzd, indeed. If I had a dime for the number of people who told me I was "mad" to leave because there was no better place than SA to make money.. Bull! I have made in three years in Aus with REAL currency what would have taken 5x the effort in 10 years. The other consideration for those people: having made all the lolly, how you going to get it out?