Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Affirmative Decline In Medical Practitioner Competence

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An earlier post by Angulus Calx got me thinking about the medical profession. You will recall that UCT implemented racist selection criteria, where blacks only require a 74% average at matric level, to gain entrance to the UCT medical school. This, as opposed to coloureds at 78%, Asians at 88% and whites at 91%.

Apparently this is their effort at redressing past oppression, which of course it isn't. This has got to do with appeasement. The brightest minds know that intelligence has got very little to do with your environment, or for that matter, oppression. Intelligence is heritable; it is in your genes. So by lowering the admission requirements, you simply increase the levels of mediocrity and incompetence. Of course this is tautological, as we already know this.

To briefly cover some old terrain; using the IQ spread amongst the different population groups, as well as the Department of Education's numbers, we were able to determine what IQ level would be required by the different race groups, and the numbers that UCT could choose from.

To recap:

Whites require an IQ of 138, and there would be approximately 188 candidates to choose from.

Coloureds and blacks require an IQ of 125, and there would be approximately 62 coloureds to choose from, BUT no blacks.

What? No Blacks?

Yes, and that means that UCT is probably lowering the standards even further, as are all the other medical schools, thereby introducing Doctor Death via incompetence.

Is my research wayward? Hardly. Let's have a look at a similar exercise that was conducted in the USA.

If admission to medical school was determined strictly by the scores achieved on the MCAT only 7 blacks in the entire USA would probably be admitted to the top 10 schools. Yet the odds favouring black student applicants over whites is a massive 21:1.

To put it more simply; physicians are chosen from the pool that has an IQ of at least 114, at least in theory. This equates to 4.8 black physicians to 100 white physicians. Yet as far back as 1970 the ratio was already 23:100. In 1980 the ratio was 30:100. Which means that 84% of the black physicians have an IQ less than 114 and are probably incompetent. Oh, and by the way, blacks only constitute 12% of the population.

What has this meant? Well white enrollments have dropped 27% (up to 2005) and black enrollments have increased 23.8%.

Seems to be a universal truth; we will lower our standards and sacrifice our health in the name of egalitarianism. I guess Michael Jackson learnt the hard way.

As for South African shortages; I'm not surprised. As a white, if you need an IQ of 138 to gain admission to medical school, you would be snapped up, upon graduation, by any first world country. No wonder we don't see young physicians anymore.

But it is more than just IQ. I could tolerate a lower IQ if I was dealing with a doctor with other qualities such as empathy, altruism, tolerance, compassion and foresight.

These are highly developed qualities, that are strongly correlated with intelligence. Research is beginning to emerge that suggests that primitive cultures are lacking in these essential qualities; and you guessed it, they are inherited.

So in summary, stay away from black doctors (on average), and do not give in to state sponsored medical programmes.

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Anonymous said...

Good post VI. I think for most folks going to a black doctor doesn't even come into play. And it's a shame that because of the left's all-consuming quest for a notional egalitarian utopia, those black doctors that do make it on merit are thrown in with the rest on the same rubbish heap of mediocrity. How much better would their case be if they had blacks to use as examples that made it on their own, where AA and quotas and lowering standards were not not used. It's quality not quantity that would make their case.

Anonymous said...

Yes, except as genome mapping advances, so we discover other traits that are lacking. It seems intelligence is the most important, but we mustn't overlook the other traits. Also, as regards universal healthcare; the smarter candidates will pursue alternative careers, which means the state will increasingly make use of sub-standard physicians. They are cheaper and in abundance; given that you can simply acquire extras from the Congo, and the like. This means that healthcare standards have to decline.

Angulus Calx said...

Any human being that values his health, will NEVER use an affirmative doctor......I don't. I am very sorry for the black doctors in my town, because I think they are great people, but as doctors, no thank you.

If I look at people in the news, that I know who their doctors are/were, I can think of Jacob Zuma, and Michel Jackson.

Zuma has a white doctor and Jackson had a black doctor.....Now hat makes you think, doesn't it.

FreeThinker said...

I totally agree. I once had a cyst removed from my back here in the UK - did not use private health, because the little Indian NHS GP assured me it's a small op.

It was only a few minutes, but when he stitched up and told me to come back after 7 days to have the stitches removed, I questioned this as they were on the shoulder blade - obviously a lot of muscle activity.

Low and behold the wound burst open a few hours after the stitches were out and I had to run to A&E where a Nigerian GP closed up the wound, agreeing with me that they should remain for 14 days.

So I agree with VI's remark of universal healthcare.

Anonymous said...

The UCT clearly believes, and by this action, openly supports the fact that blacks have a lower IQ, so who am I to argue?