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The Left hates all who loves America!

From Angry White Dude

When will White America be off the Hook for Sins of the Past? -
Lloyd Marcus
The Irrelevance Of The Mainstream Media
Lloyd Marcus calls out Garafalo for her racist remark, …HOW DARE YOU!

What irony that the political ideology that demands the most tolerance for its ideals has none for others. The left in America are full of hate for anyone who doesn’t readily accept their beliefs. Those who pay the greatest price are conservative blacks. Blacks are supposed to toe the monolithic black line….seeing themselves as victims of a racist and unfair America. They are expected to hate white people and find pride in ghetto ignorance. They are also expected to blindly follow the Democratic party in all instances. Fortunately, more black Americans (not African-Americans…just plain ol’ Americans) are seeing through the dead-end of excuses made for them by the Democrats. They are seeing those who cry racism the loudest normally are making a fortune lining their pockets doing it. More black Americans are seeing the Democrats will only keep blacks poor, uneducated and ignorant. This is dangerous to the left and must be fought at all costs.

I have met Lloyd Marcus several times, the last being in Washington for the 9-12 march. He is a performer who is a proud American patriot. Lloyd is also black. He proudly says he is an American…not African-American. Lloyd is also despised by the left. As you know, Angry White Dude rarely posts writings from others. However, I read an article from Lloyd Marcus today at American Thinker and I wanted to pass it along.

Why is the Left so angry at Blacks who love America?

By Lloyd Marcus

I appeared on CNN Newsroom hosted by Don Lemon. He was fair and allowed me to make my points. I stated three things in the interview. One, I refer to myself as an American rather than a hyphenated African-American. Two, the tea party protests are against President Obama’s policies, not his race. The protesters are decent hardworking concerned citizens. Three, the American people are not racist.

These statements inspired immediate outrage from the so-called tolerant and compassionate Left. An email from a self proclaimed Marxist threatened physical harm to me. He also vowed to destroy me and my music career. A creative leftist called me a “Toxic Negro”. Another called me a “sell out”. The “you’re a minstrel” and “do you tap dance too” comments in one email were interesting. Less creative e-mailers expressed their outrage towards me by using the typical “F” and “N” bombs every other word, including my favorite, “Who the “F” do you think you are?” Now, if I can create a hit song using my hate mail that would be sweet capitalistic revenge.

I received angry emails from blacks who said I should be ashamed of myself. Apparently, they believe my not resenting whites and America is a betrayal of my blackness. I no longer feel the need to be patient with racist blacks. Just as we do not tolerate the KKK and white supremacists, we should not give a pass to racist blacks. Racism is evil…period.

I am continually amazed by the Left’s anger at me for saying America and it’s people are good and that I love my country. Why should these statements inspire such rage? It appears the Left hates all who love America. They particularly despise patriotic minorities.

Folks, thanks for your prayers and numerous emails expressing your thanks and support. My strength and peace comes from knowing I am on the right side and in God’s Will. Also, my delete key is my friend.

Lloyd Marcus, Singer/Songwriter of the “American Tea Party Anthem”, is President, NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color) and star of the Lloyd Marcus TV Show.

Please keep the vitriol from the left in mind when you see Nancy Pelosi crying crocodile tears about upcoming potential violence! Keep this in mind when listening to the daily lies on the mainstream media appearance du jour from Hussein Hopenchange. Hell, he and his wife couldn’t even get the lie right that their daughter had meningitis! The left is determined and ruthless. They play by their own rules. We had better understand the nature of our enemies…and they are our enemies…and be prepared to be just as ruthless! I am proud to have Lloyd Marcus on our side! I hope many more black Americans will realize the generations of damage done to them by liberals!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent. Although he msm is doing their best to ignore these tea party's, they are growing by the day