Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Julius Blames Zille for Bad Behaviour.

He has more than one house??

I see this one is in the hated "white" area of Sandton.

Allegations that Julius Malema assaulted a police reservist who tried to break up his all-night party at the weekend were part of a conspiracy hatched by Helen Zille and her opposition party.

This, and the fact that Malema did not need a police appointment card to be a reservist, were among his fiery responses to the news that broke yesterday about a house-warming party he held in Sandton.

Standing outside the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court, Malema kicked off by telling his supporters that they did not need permission to gather on the pavement. The court in which his hate speech trial was conducted was too small and they therefore had a right to be in the road, he said.

'The police want permission! What permission?'
"The police want permission! What permission?" the ANC Youth League president shouted. "No one must provoke us, otherwise next time you are saying we beat up police officers."

The joke was well received, and he continued.

"I'm a police reservist myself. I don't need a letter of appointment. I know my responsibility is to fight crime."

He told the crowd that a "permanent agenda" existed to undermine the ANC Youth League leadership.

Malema lashed out at The Star in particular, asking: "How do you report such a thing?" He was referring to the fact that the newspaper had not named the police reservist who made the allegation.

'... patently absurd but not unusual coming from Julius Malema'
"We don't entertain faceless allegations."

He said "spies from Helen Zille" were responsible for this latest scandal.

Zille's response to Malema's accusations was: "No sane person would believe Mr Malema, and I have no intention of getting into dialogue with him."

DA national spokeswoman Lindiwe Mazibuko also brushed aside the accusations, calling them "patently absurd but not unusual coming from Julius Malema and the ANC Youth League".

Meanwhile, Gauteng police Superintendent Eugene Opperman confirmed that a case of assault had been opened at the Bramley police station yesterday.

"We will investigate and the case will be forwarded to the public prosecutor for a decision," he said.

The Star reported yesterday that Malema hosted a house-warming party at his Sandown, Sandton, home on Saturday night. The bash saw Harley-Davidson motorbikes roaring through the quiet suburb, a live band and plenty of booze.

Neighbours began complaining, and the party was broken up by the police around 4am. But not before Malema and his bodyguards allegedly assaulted the reservist, who is also a neighbour.

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h said...

Someone needs to take this guy out. One shot to the head so we don't need to hear anymore crap coming out of his mouth. Just one shot, that is all it will take.

Anonymous said...

I'll donate the bullet.

Anonymous said...

If this were a DA MP throwing a bash and making just as much noise, would the neighbours have phoned in to 702 and would it have made it to the papers?

I don't care for Malema myself, but be honest.

Tim Johnston said...


Honestly? Yes I would still complain - particularly if I wasn't invited :)

Do you not have some neighbours who are decent people that you would cut more slack than other neighbours? That's how it is where I live.

Malema hates white people, openly spreads hate towards us, and then goes and lives in Sandton?? After having just built a mansion in Limpopo. This, a man whose IQ would leave him struggling to work at a KFC.

How good a neighbour would Malema be?

F V de Wet said...

How typical for a Black man to once again blame a Whitey for the way they behave. Nothing is ever their fault and they are always the victim of colonialism even though it ended how many years ago??

@ Dachshund - Honestly, if any white person that has as many racist remarks as Julius, than yes he would be on every paper around the country.

Anonymous said...

@Dachshund - You continue to post stupid, racist comments. Please go and read the ANC website - they have pictures there. And BTW - YES, I would complain if ANYONE was acting like a baboon in the middle of the night. Are you Black Coffee in disguise??

Scoprion said...

I agree with Anonymous at 10:52AM and to Dachshund: I'll be honest. People should stop defining problems in this country by racial lines. It is not a Black - White issue. It is about people making a hell of a racket at ungodly hours.

It is like saying I would be okay with a white taxi driver stopping anywhere, overtaking in the yellow line, jumping from lane to lane, just because he is white. Bull. My problem is with bad DRIVING, not the color of the driver, so snap out of it.

I have before and will continue to complain about noisy neighbors as well. I couldn't care if they are from Mars.

I have black neighbors, by the way. A couple with their three children. We greet each other on the stairs and wave hello coming or going. I like them, because they are quiet and well behaved and doesn't bother me for anything - The way I like all my neighbors to be. I like my white neighbors on the other side for the same reason.

I don't want noisy neighbors - period. I don't care if it is my own distant cousin. If he makes a noise, I will speak up. That it happened to be Malema and his gang is actually really irrelavant to the complaint.

Tim Johnston said...

what you say is true, but that doesn't stop people like Malema from seeing things in terms of black and white. Don't tell me he moved into Sandton thinking it would be all sunshine and rainbows living among those he hates so much?

I also couldn't care less about the colour of my neighbours - they're all white, mind, except the Muslims on the corner, and nobody complains about them anymore because they cry racism. So now they park as many cars as they like on the street, and more worryingly, ignore planning rules and they build higher and higher..