Thursday, September 24, 2009

CNN to interview Mugabe

Shall we take bets on how many “difficult” questions (if any) would be asked?  Just look at the spin put on the topics below – it is already enough to make you hurl: …”if international sanctions are responsible for his countries economic and political turmoil”…  I suppose I don’t have to tell you that CNN, MSNBC, CBS and a few others are banned in my house.  I see no purpose in warning your kids about the dangers of drugs and then allowing their minds to be altered by such crap.  So if you think these liberal scumbags would actually pose a meaningful question to Mad Bob, be my guest and have a look.  If we have to factor in their very objective reporting on Alli-baba-tele-Bongo and the radical criminals he surrounds himself with, you probably have a better chance to impregnate a dead ox than get the truth…

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe talks to CNN's Christiane Amanpour Thursday.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe talks to CNN's Christiane Amanpour Thursday.

In Mugabe's first interview with a major Western media outlet in years, Christiane will explore the historic power-sharing agreement with the unity government there, and get the president's thoughts on the highly-emotive issue of land redistribution.

As Mugabe prepares to take center stage at the United Nations on Friday, Christiane will take the opportunity to ask if the power-sharing agreement in Zimbabwe is really working, if international sanctions are responsible for his country's economic and political turmoil, and what kind of engagement he is looking for from the international community.

In this rare interview, Christiane will also address signs of optimism emerging in Zimbabwe; sky-rocketing inflation stabilizing, basic goods returning to store shelves, and a loosening of restrictive media laws.

Amanpour is CNN International's new live global interview program, which launched on 21st September 2009 as the centerpiece of its new evening line up.

Live interview airs 2100 CET Thursday 24 September.

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Quark said...

This is madness. Giving this guy interviews and making him feel important is part of the problem. He should be treated like the raving genocidal madman he is, not hosted to an interview in a nice airconned studio by civilised people. How come he still gets to go into the UN meeting? My eyes boggled when I read that. Has the entire world gone mad?

Anonymous said...

As Mugabe prepares to take center stage at the United Nations on Friday.

So much for travel restrictions, and of course he will be treated as a hero by fellow African leaders, Ahmadabad, Chavez and Castro

Tim Johnston said...

It's almost ten years since Mugarbage was mugged by a Gay Gangster in London. Peter Tatchell, the homosexualist in question, was making a protest -but frankly I'd have had more respect for his protest if he'd beaten Bob to death with some sort of 'gay device'.
When will anyone get such an opportunity again?


To give this gangster de luxe opportunity to sprout his verbal garbage says a lot about the level of Western mass media.

Anonymous said...

CNN's ratings are dropping faster than panties at a Hugh Hefner party. This is desperation on their part and I cannot see how interviewing thugs will improve their situation.

AMB said...

Let me guess- He needs money from the west again??