Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another White South African Refugee - In Ireland.

From the Irish Independent, September 22A better 'poster child' for the cause of white South Africans may be found in Dianne Louise Jefferson (22) who is facing deportation from Ireland despite being married to a Pad. Not only that but she was schooled in Ireland and has no experience of living in the South Africa she may be forced to return to.

As the story unfolds, I hope that South Africans can be as supportive of Dianne as you have been of Brandon Huntley.

A WHITE South African has claimed her life may be at risk due to racial discrimination if she is deported from Ireland.

Dianne Louise Jefferson (22), who works with Boston Scientific in Galway, yesterday launched a legal bid at Dublin's High Court to remain in the State.

Judge Elizabeth Dunne granted an interim injunction preventing the state immigration services from arresting, detaining or transferring Ms Jefferson, who lives in Doughiska, Co Galway.

"I say and believe that as a white South African there is a real possibility of criminal racial discrimination against me and I fear for my well-being and ultimately my life if I am returned," the court heard directly from Ms Jefferson's affidavit.

She left South Africa on June 1, 2002, following the death of her grandmother and moved to Ireland to be with her father.


During her seven years living in Ireland, Ms Jefferson completed her Junior and Leaving Certificate, studied at college, married and took up a job as a product builder with Boston Scientific in 2006.

On September 16 last, Ms Jefferson was notified by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service that her application for a resident's card was refused. She was informed her permission would expire on September 20 and after that date she would be an illegal resident. She says she was advised to "go home".

The court heard she has instructed her solicitor to apply for Irish citizenship on the basis of her marriage. In 2005, at the age of 18 she married Kevin Curran.The court heard Mr Curran was forced to move to the Netherlands in search of a full-time job but regularly returns to spend time with his wife.

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Anonymous said...

Are we able to suss out any black Saffas that have been granted asylum in Ireland? Irish Savant perhaps?

Unknown said...

damn i hope you get to stay i would so not like to get sent back to S.A in its current state. thumbs up dianne hope it all works out for ya

SAVANT said...

Jesus Christ, we're overrrun with black and Mulsim freeloaders and now we try to report a productive whoite person. I fucking give up, I'm not joking you.

SAVANT said...

I know there are lots of saffers here but don't know, almost certain that it's not on the basis of asylum. But I'll check further.

Tim Johnston said...

There are lots of white Saffers in Ireland, mostly on ancestral visas, and a lot of black ones on "student visas". Yeh.
Also quite a lot of professionals, legal, medical etc.

John Roodt said...

Im a white South African woman living in South Africa at present.
The situation here is much worse than most people realise. Check out Carte Blanche website for the true facts on how the black police treat white woman. They are suppose to protect us, but instead they treat us worse than dogs. Im really scared and would not mind being able to live in a country where we would not be treated like this. When appartheid was still in South Africa I was barely born, so how can they hold that against me.