Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Afrikaner pensioner, 77, raped, Garsfontein

I copied this story from the CENSORBUGBEAR-REPORTS blog of Adriana, as this story cannot be found in any English news publication.

Do they not deem this and even more gruesome farm invasions news worthy, or are they deliberately hiding this from the International community?

2009-09-29 – Virginia Keppler of Beeld newspaper reports that an unnamed
77-year-old Afrikaner pensioner was attacked and raped at her high-security Garsfontein smallholdings cottage in broad daylight – at 17:45 yesterday.

She was attacked while sitting on her stoep, feeding her birds. Earllier, the old lady had been confronted by the same man while she was trying to go through the gated Garsfontein community’s electrified front entrance.

There are good reasons for these gated communities such as Garsfontein (population 60,000). In this tiny community, there were a total 41 ‘sexual crimes’ reported in this mostly Afrikaner, high-security Garsfontein SAPS district between March 2008 and March 2009.

There also were 21 murders+culp.homicides; 114 armed gang-robberies of families inside their homes; 1,135 burglaries of homes; 330 armed robberies outdoors; 420 grievous/common assaults outside people’s homes.

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Quark said...

Put the MSM out of business. Tell everyone who will listen to you, to STOP buying newspapers and start reading blogs and online papers. Give them a variety of worthwhile URLs with reporters that call a spade a spade.