Thursday, September 24, 2009

Accident: SA Airlink JS41 at Durban on Sep 24th 2009, lost height after takeoff and impacted school fence

I am concerned about the safety of our South African airlines, regardless of the encouraging words from airline technicians. Luckily there were no passengers on board this flight that went down this morning.

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A South African Airlink Jetstream 41, registration ZS-NRM performing positioning flight SA-8911 from Durban to Pietermaritzburg (South Africa) with 3 crew, lost height after takeoff from runway 06 and impacted a primary school fence at about 08:00 local (06:00Z) outside regular school hours. 4 people, amongst them a woman working on the ground at the school perimeter, have been airlifted to local hospitals, the captain with critical, the other 3 with serious injuries.

The crew of a Comair aircraft lining up on runway 06 behind the Airlink tried to warn the Airlink crew of smoke from the engines, but their transmission was overlaid.

The fuselage broke up in two main parts at about the wing spars. Blade damage to both propellers suggests, that the right hand engine was operating under full power, while the left hand engine may have failed without the propeller entering feather position.

Airlink reported, that the crew called Mayday reporting an engine loss and smoke from the rear shortly after liftoff. The crew attempted an emergency landing on the field ahead of the school.

3 Opinion(s):

Quark said...

No sooner had you said it ....

Well, I'd be interested in the facts behind this case. No doubt some efemtiv ekshun technicians had wekked on the engines. A chunk of putu pap lodged in fuel line or some other critical circuit, springs to mind.

FishEagle said...

@ Quark, kind of freaky isn't it?

Viking said...

It seems even the laws of aerodynamics are not immune from AA interference.