Thursday, August 27, 2009

Robbers beat farmer to death

Sent in by Black Coffee who says "I am so sick of reading these types of stories about senseless murders, I think it's time farmers take the law into their own hands and give the scum a taste of their own medicine. How can you just beat a man with a heart condition to death? Again, I do not care about race of victim and perps, there is a certain human decency which some people seem to have missing." Methinks BC finally gets what ILSA is about. We want the horror of the so-called new South Africa to get out so our government will feel embarrassed or shamed enough to feel compelled to provide every citizen's most basic right, safety.

Victims of the South African genocide - 3066 - Sarah Maid of Albion


Pretoria - With a four-day-old baby in her arms, a woman from Pretoria had to watch as robbers kicked and beat her father-in-law to death.

On Monday night, robbers presumably first set fire to a field across the smallholding belonging to Wilhelm Lotterie, 65, in Doornfontein, north of Pretoria. It is believed this was done to lure Lotterie's sons, Piet and Neels from their homes.

Then Lotterie, who had been sitting on his stoep, was attacked, assaulted and robbed by five men. Lotterie's daughter-in-law, Jessica Lotterie, 23, and her baby boy Danté, who was born last Thursday, were also in the house.

Heart condition

Police spokesperson Captain Jan Sepato said the robbers forced Lotterie, who had a heart problem and underwent heart surgery about nine years ago, to lie down on the living room floor, after which they tied his hands and feet behind his back. Lotterie's pants were pulled down to his knees. Due to Lotterie's heart problem, he wasn't meant to lie down, said Sepato.

Apparently the robbers asked Jessica if there were any other people in the house. She said her husband and brother-in-law were trying to extinguish the fire. While the robbers waited for the Lotterie brothers, they beat Wilhelm with, among others, a firearm butt, and kicked him where he lay on the ground.

When the brothers returned home, the robbers tied them up respectively in the toilet and the bathroom.

Fled with car, money

According to Sepato, the robbers fled with money, electrical appliances, cellphones, a Ford Fiesta (with the registration number WHF 052 GP) and meat they took from the freezer. Paramedics found Lotterie dead at the scene. Sepato said he had suffocated.

Jan Vermaak, who lives about 1km from the Lotteries, said he had just come home and stepped into a bath after he had helped to douse the flames, when he heard shouting outside.

"I sent my sons with torches to see what was going on." "They came back and said it was a woman who was screaming."

Area patrolled

"I then found Jessica, Piet and the baby where they were standing in the road." "She told me they had been attacked and that her father-in-law had been beaten and kicked to death."

"They were in a severe state of shock." Vermaak took Jessica to his house, and then, along with other residents in the area, patrolled the area in an attempt to catch the robbers. They were unsuccessful.

No-one has been arrested yet.
[and never will - Ed.]

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Anonymous said...

Bad robbers. Bad, bad robbers. BC has a good point - they should at least pick stout young men who are able to fight back, and brutally slaughter them. I'd be able to live with that. But frail people - is a big no-no.

FanonPoqoChimurenga said...

No anon, I'd actually rather see that the stout young men get the robbers before the robbers get them.