Monday, August 24, 2009

No, not darkest Africa

It’s a scene straight out of darkest Africa. Food being delivered by white volunteers to helpless hungry blacks. But they’re not so helpless that they couldn’t over-run the convoy and steal the food. (For example in Haiti, gangs did just this – and then SOLD the food back to the starving populace). But not here. Here there are armed guards to guard against, well, the victims. Over to Steve Hargreaves of CNN:

“On a side street in an old industrial neighborhood, a delivery man stacks a dolly of goods outside a store. Ten feet away stands another man clad in military fatigues, combat boots and what appears to be a flak jacket. He looks straight out of Baghdad. But this isn't Iraq. It's southeast Detroit, and he's there to guard the groceries. "No pictures, put the camera down," he yells.”

Ah yes. But should we be surprised when Africans bring Africa to the West? Read about how they did it in New Orleans here. Or did you read the murder statistics for Detroit I provided here? In case you didn’t I showed that Detroit city and suburbs have similar population sizes. The core city is almost all black, the suburbs almost all white. The city had 394 murders in 2007, the suburbs 23.

Yes indeed.

Now CNN, needless to say, don’t introduce any awkward facts like this into its report, just standard PC doublespeak. For exmple they bemoan the fact that none of the major retailers has a branch in the city, implicitly accusing them of racism. Memo to CNN: Retailers will go anywhere that they can make money. They can't make money in Detroit city because of massive levels of inventory theft by employees, shoplifting, ram-raids and public liability claims.

It’s as simple as that.

As I've said repeatedly, PC Thought Police are doing their intended beneficiaries no favours by propagating lies like this. Because if you don't understand the real problem, almost by definition you won't solve it. Additionally, by drumming it into the ‘victims’ that nothing is their fault they’re undermining any incentive for them to solve their own problems.

So the dance macabre goes on, soon to visit Ireland.

Source: Irish Savant

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Anonymous said...

Without someone to hold the line blacks will kill each other off.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Negroes rely on other groups, wherever they go. They are NOT producers, purely consumers!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the opening scenes from "Black Hawk Down". If you try to help the velcroids you are going to DIG YOURSELF INTO A HOLE.