Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eskom is screwing us.

These idiots at Eskom are really putting one over on the consumers in South Africa. I have just been looking at some electricity figures that I have been keeping and it makes scary reading.

In June 2008 we paid R0.483 per unit.

This was increased to R0.649 in July 2008, an increase of 34.4%.

In July 2009 the price was increased to R0.882, this is an increase of 35.9%.

That is an INCREASE of 82.6% since June 2008!

And now they are talking of putting it up by another 40 %. Not next year but now in September.

Eish!!! these mudder F!@#%^s sure know how to kill the goose that lays the golden egg and they do this without blushing or batting an eye.

Kak en betaal, at this rate they won't be selling a whole lot of electricity, people will be burning candles and cooking over open fires.

But hey, someone has to pay for the ANC's stuff up by stopping all expansions of power generation and mothballing existing units in the 90's. After all, those plans were made by the evil Whitey's of the Apartheid Government and those guys had no clue what was going on did they!

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h said...

Yup, SA is definately on its way to Zimtopia. Eventually only the ANC top brass will have 'white mans magic' like electricity, cars, sewerage, etc... and the silly masses be living in filth.

By then, the ANC will not be willing to give up the power (just like mad Bob) and SA will no longer resemble anything from the glory days of Apartheid.

This same stroy will be played out in almost all other nations on earth, until everything resembles one big filthy squatter camp. This, my friends, is the liberals dream world. Wake up YT.

Anonymous said...

Very true H.

Anonymous said...

I have been told by a source that should know that Eskom is at present running at 97% of capacity.
This in a recession with manufacturing output down and quite a number of enterprises on short time. Can you imagine what will happen if the economic activity improves?