Monday, July 27, 2009

Woman and employer's kids die after fire lit

A fire to stave off the cold has claimed the lives of a woman and two young children in Oribi village, Pietermaritzburg.

According to Senior Superintendent Henry Budhram, domestic helper Bongiwe Duma, 32, and her employers' two children, Nandi and Khazi Ngcubo, aged six and eight, died on Friday night.

Investigations revealed that the children's father started a fire in a container at about 6pm and took it into their house to keep it warm.

At 9pm, when the family had gone to bed, Duma took the container into her bedroom, which is also in the main house.

It appears that both children, who normally slept in their own rooms, went to sleep in the same room as the domestic helper to keep warm.

When their mother went to check on them during the night, she found both her children and the domestic helper unconscious.

They were taken to a local hospital but died soon after.

According to Budhram, the circumstances surrounding the deaths were being investigated and inquest dockets had been registered.

Budhram said the cause of death could be related to smoke inhalation, but an autopsy would be conducted to determine the exact cause of death.

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Enclosed fires make lethal amounts of carbon monoxide, DUUHH.