Friday, July 24, 2009

Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) operatives honoured by Tutu and Manuel

The front page of the Cape Times caught my attention this morning and I thought the story was worth publishing on here. The event recalls many from my childhood, when the IRA would be praised for planting their bombs "to avoid civilian targets". In this case (which I admit I know nothing about) it seems that something went wrong and KABOOM, no more terrorists, a frequent occurrance which often ends in civilian casualties anyway - but, that's ok, because their intentions were noble!

Archbishop Tutu used the event to criticise the ANC, although why these two failed activists are being honoured in the first place escapes me; it seems a bit un-Christian to me. This occurred in 1989, when apartheid was on its way out, and I wonder why blowing things up was still considered necessary by the MK ..

By Aziz Hartley

On the 20th anniversary of their deaths, tribute was paid on Thursday to struggle activists Coline Williams (22) and Robbie Waterwich (20) - two young people who paid the ultimate price for freedom when they were killed in an explosion in Athlone.

In was Sunday evening on July 23, 1989 the Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) operatives were on a mission to plant a limpet mine at the Athlone Magistrate's Court and police station complex.

Their objective - a protest against registration for the then apartheid elections. The spot was chosen to avoid civilian casualties, but something went wrong and the two were killed by the device.

They were members of the Ashley Kriel Detachment of MK.

On Wednesday morning pupils from 13 Cape Flats high schools gathered at the site Williams and Waterwich died and where a new statue in the honour was erected recently after thieves stole the original in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Poetic justice.

Thomas J Wolfenden said...

I think it really ironic that the first monument was stolen...

Anonymous said...

I should mention Ranger Tom that this is right in front of the cop station where it was stolen.

Exzanian said...

Thanks for that reminder Viking!
Red wire, blue wire, red wire, blue wire Ka-boom! BTW, if you receive a walkman in the post, pre-loaded with cassette and batteries, do not attempt to put the headphones on and press play, only a dumb ass would do something like that (can anyone remember that story?)

Tim Johnston said...

Do tell!

JR said...

Great ideas, dumb execution - candidates for Darwin Awards, perhaps?