Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tutu condemns greed of ANC

From The Telegraph (UK)

The Nobel peace laureate, who was speaking at a memorial service for members of the party's apartheid-era armed wing, contrasted the bravery shown by Coline Williams, 22, and Robbie Waterwich, 20, with the riches enjoyed by the ANC and its acolytes 15 years after the advent of democracy.

The two members of Umkonto we Sizwe, or Spear of the Nation, were killed 20 years ago when the limpet mine they intended to place outside a police station exploded prematurely.

"Do you remember the price that was paid for our freedom?" he said. "We had some fantastic young people. They paid a very heavy price. We all paid a very heavy price. And for what? So some of us can have three motor cars.

"There is something wrong that is happening in this country. That is not what we struggled for.

"There are levels of poverty in this country that are completely unacceptable."

His comments in Cape Town were made in the wake of days of rioting in townships around Johannesburg and across the country, as poverty-stricken South Africans – many of whom still live in shacks and do not have running water and electricity in their homes - demand material improvement in their lives.

Almost 90 people appeared in court in Balfour, in Mpumalanga province, on charges relating to the disturbances, which have seen burning barricades set up, shops looted, foreign Africans targeted, and rubber bullets used by police to disperse crowds.

While no-one has been killed in the violence – so far – it is a demonstration of the scale of the discontent faced by President Jacob Zuma. Having come to power on a "pro-poor" platform, and having adroitly used the dissatisfaction during his power struggle with his predecessor Thabo Mbeki, he is already facing pressure to deliver, only two months after being sworn in.

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Anonymous said...

In this world there is no thing as freedom. We are all held bondage by the NWO.
About time that Demon Tutu gets off his high horses and face the crappy reality.

Exzanian said...

I like Tutu, but here he is again spouting bullshit in praise of a couple of loony young assholes barely in their twenties who, quite rightly, got blown to smithereens because they were fucking with some serious shit; a limpet mine, made in USSR.

Anonymous said...

TUTU is just as guilty of all the murder going on in SA. He called for the end of Apartheid and now he wonders what happened? Well, the true black mentality is coming through like we all knew it would - hence the reason apartheid was initially implemented. The Boers saw what they were years ago.

Buzzd said...

It was once again his turn to talk, so Des just said a few words - for the moment. Noticed how weary even the media have become of him? Simply because he does not action what he says. And, annoyingly, tears on cue. Remember he told Debra on 3rd Degree that we should talk against the 2010WC? Well, that too was a moment.