Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So who is south Africa`s new TOP COP?

"He is a self-made, arrogant, non-accountable individual who purports to be a good citizen and I will dare to argue that he is also a racist."

This is how KZN's transport and community safety MEC Bheki Cele describes a whistle-blowing motorist who got shoved off the fast lane by a blue-light motorcade speeding at over 160 km/h.

Cele then had the gall to deman
d the particulars of this whistle-blower from the newspaper that ran the story. Apparently this motorist is a reckless hazard to society by following the speeding convoy and using his cellphone -- to take pictures of the event.

It seems like you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a self-important politician in South Africa. The sheer arrogance of this statement borders on the narcissistic. Since when are public servants so incredibly important that they are above the law? What nerve. Is Cele arrogant?

Next, he refuses to face up to the concept of responsibility -- instead demonising the person who brought it to public attention. In this instance, is Cele a 'non-accountable individual'?

The race card is getting insipid and stupefyingly dull. Is seems that whenever anyone is accused of anything, this gets thrown out. How can Cele even have a clue if he's still demanding to know who the whistle-blower is?

This country has a long way to go if politicians are instantly deemed the martyrs of racial assault whenever they're criticised. It would seem that colour
is still the main filter through which politicians view the public. So, is Cele a racist?

Parties condemn Cele's appointment Opposition parties said on Wednesday President Jacob Zuma had made a mistake in appointing a political ally with no professional crime-fighting experience as the new national police commissioner.

Bheki Cele's appointment "is nothing more than a political promotion for one of President Jacob
Zuma's closest allies," Inkatha Freedom Party spokesman Velaphi Ndlovu said.

The Democratic Alliance said Zuma was repeating the mistake former president Thabo Mbeki made when he appointed Jackie Selebi "a close associate of his from the ANC's political ranks" as police commissioner.

Cele, the KwaZulu-Natal MEC for transport and community and safety liaison, will replace Selebi nearly two years after the latter was first charged with corruption and defeating the ends of justice.

The DA and IFP said he lacked the skills and experience to become South Africa's top cop, while civil rights group AfriForum said it has pleaded in vain for Selebi not be "replaced by a redeployed ANC politician".

Kohler-Barnard said while Cele's track record included no professional police experience, he had a history of unfortunate statements.

These included calling a man a racist for complaining after Cele's blue light escorts rushed him to a meeting at 160 kilometres an hour, and urging police to "shoot to kill", a remark which Cele defended on Wednesday.

The 1977 Criminal Act stipulates that police are allowed to use a deadly force when attacked," he told reporters.

When Cele interviewed by
Carte Blanche . Leering brutishly at the camera and speaking with enormous relish and self-satisfaction he said: “All of a sudden there is a hullabaloo about blue lights. I suggest it is because some people are aware that in the blue light car today, there is a darkie inside there.”

We must stop the Zuma trial, says ANC leader Bheki Cele.

Bheki Cele says he did not wield gun

Tutu not Crist or his Vice
Controversial KwaZulu-Natal safey and security MEC Bheki Cele got too excited about the dropping of charges against ANC President Jacob Zuma.
Cele lambasted Desmond Tutu, saying the archbishop was not a “vice” Jesus Christ.

MEC stands firm on 'shoot to kill' statement

Zuma arrives at court
Scores of dignitaries have also made their way inside the building, among them Transport MEC Bheki Cele and Education MEC Ina Cronje.

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Exzanian said...

Great Post Loggi! Don't be fooled by his brazen "shoot to kill" comments. It's got the same value as Zuma's promise to create 500,000jobs! Worthless. Together with Hlophe, SA is going to be the ultimate "good cop, bad cop" routine in the forseeable universe.

Be Afraid said...

Actually, be very afraid about the "shoot to kill" statement - who do you think will get killed by the black cops?
As you know, a dead man cannot testify........
Whites in this country are truly doomed.

Anonymous said...

this cele is a right piece of shit buddy of zooma who was promised this position by the now chief baboon years ago...'s fitting, corrupt chief for a corrupt "police force"...