Monday, July 27, 2009

Shocka! Turns out Gates is also an anti-white black racist

First it was Reverend Wright whose church Obama attended for 20 years while Wright ranted on, vilifying whites, Jews, gays and America, anything his deranged mind could conjure up for the failings of blacks in America. Obama says he did not, er, happen to be present during those sermons. Yeah, riiiight..

The other day Obama revealed his true colours when he called the white cop who arrested his friend Prof Gates "stupid" without knowing the facts. The cop being white made it automatically wrong and "stupid". Let's call it a Freudian slip and hopefully elucidating for those that have yet to cotton on to the schmoozer in the Wright House.

Wait, it gets better.

Seems when one shakes the Obama tree, lots of racist monkeys fall out and yes, get this, Obama's long time professor buddy is just another black racist like the good reverend.

A 1996 video has surfaced where Gates' refers to
‘racist white institutions’. In the video Gates pushes the lie that in America, the “only reason” there are so many people doing so well is because of affirmative action. He arouses the crowd by stating that affirmative action needs to be expanded because he benefited from it (and look where it got him). Of course he also has to throw in a Clarence Thomas hypocrite dig and a watermelon joke; along with a racist slam of North Carolina where he attended Duke University.

Now think back to the arrest. Wouldn't you have loved to have been a fly on the wall? The white cop is looking better by the day and by my accounts is a hero for not putting a boot through the good professor's face, him being an important nigra 'n all. Oh, and we won't call Gates out on his racism. He's black y'know and blacks can't be racist.

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Pensioner said...

In 1996 they still called themselves "Black" and not "African Americans"! I have been put off watermelons forever now.

Pensioner said...
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Bantu Education said...

A very one-sided article (the black "viewpoint" needless to say) in todays Cape Times. Gates has now manipulated the incident into one of "racial profiling".

Gates' behaviour is well-explained by Michael Levin in this passage taken from a longer Amren article.

The tendency of whites to interpret the angrier manner of blacks as if blacks were other whites leads whites to respond to black complaints with inappropriate generosity, thereby reinforcing black anger by teaching blacks that anger is rewarded. The result is intensified demands and further white confusion—a dynamic that may explain the puzzling phenomenon of white guilt, and the indulgence of many whites toward even the most unreasonable black demands.

Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Cool avatar BE. I bet you must have copped some flak because of the previous one (I had no problem with it).

I wonder if this wasn't a set-up by Obama and Gates. Just seems too much for coincidence. He could have asked his neighbour to watch his house as he would "be out", and then deliberately broken in to bait the "local white racist" cops.