Thursday, July 30, 2009

Robbing from the dead

Unlike Oprah who may reserve places at her school for 'poor, black girls' whitey having similar ambitions is frowned upon. If you are wealthy and thinking of leaving YOUR money for the betterment of a chosen cause say cats, or a group of people, forgettaboutit. In South Africa, they will shred your will.

And the judgey who made this decision? Chris Nicholson, he of the incorrect Zuma decision later overturned. He says South Africa of today is very different from that of the era when CG Smith bequeathed his fortune. You can be sure about that. Today it's young whites who are discriminated against. Fu*king doos. CG Smith will be turning in his grave.

Judge Nicholson: "An appalling judgment"


Funds no longer for 'poor, white girls' only

A multimillion-rand educational trust bequeathed by the industrialist and politician Sir Charles George Smith - for the benefit of "European girls born of British/South African or Dutch/South African parents" - will now benefit young women of all races.

This is after the University of KwaZulu-Natal, which manages the trust, applied successfully to the High Court to amend Sir Charles's will, saying that the bequest was an "embarrassment" and could expose it to Equality Court proceedings.

Sir Charles, founder of CG Smith, a leader in South Africa's sugar industry, and a senator in the Union government, died in 1941, bequeathing some of his estate to the then-Council of the Natal University College, to be held in an educational trust named after his mother, Emma Smith.

In terms of his will, the trust would benefit only European girls who had been resident in Durban for at least three years. Three years ago, its assets were valued at R27-million and the fund had distributed more than R4-million.

In a recent judgment, Judge Chris Nicholson said it was clear that Sir Charles was a generous man who had great concern for the underdog.

"Broadly stated, the generosity in question was directed at poor white girls who were unlikely to have obtained a university education otherwise.

"The university recognises that the bequest was enlightened in the 1930s, but submits that the South Africa of the present age is a radically transformed one.

"More than half of the students attending the university now cannot be classified as white. In addition, the university has policies that are non-discriminatory."

The judge said it appeared that the conditions of the bequest came from Sir Charles's "great determination to heal the rift between Afrikaner and English speakers, which he regarded as the most important problem in South Africa at the time".

He said the university had argued that Sir Charles would not have foreseen that these problems would have passed, that there would be economic advancement of both groups, and that his bequest would no longer be seen as progressive, but as sectarian and divisive.

"I do not imagine Sir Charles would have enjoyed the fact that his bequest would become an embarrassment to the institution he nominated to administer it - particularly as on the scanty evidence his inclinations seem to point in the other direction," the judge said, citing a biography quoting Sir Charles as promising that if he made a lot of money, he would not stop working but would always labour for the benefit of the poor and needy.

Judge Nicholson said that equality of race was so fundamental, "in a sense it trumps all other principles".

"The financing of education for poor people is almost exclusively the preserve of the state.

"Bursaries from private individuals and companies who command great fortunes are augmenting and supplementing this.

"If these benefactors are permitted to allocate funds in a discriminatory way, it will skew the funds available to the general populace in an unacceptable manner and would not be in the public interest."

He ordered the deletion of any reference to "European", "British" and "Dutch" and replaced "Durban" with "KwaZulu-Natal".

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Anonymous said...

What? Change someone's will to suit your ambitions and beliefs? Now I have seen it all...

Smells like pure communism to me, effectively the funds were appropriated by the state.

Anonymous said...

Marxist punk-ass loser mufugger!!!

Kaffir Boetie white trash!!!

I hope that the fleas of a thousand Bedouin buggered camels infest this poxy arseholes armpits with an eternal and excruciating itch and that his fingernails turn into rusty fishhooks.

Anonymous said...

gee anon 6:54, I had the exact same sentiments for this dried out white dog-shit of an excuse for a judge...well said!

Tim Johnston said...

You're right anon. This is state-sponsored theft at its best. It's quite possible Smith hated 'darkies'! Isn't that his right?

Anonymous said...

Talk about the law being fair one has to ask the question who gives this cocksucking white liberal the right to change a will based on what the man would have thought?

See, liberals are wost than blacks. They suffer from a mental illness which the only cure for it is a bullet in their bloody heads. Thier time will come.

Tim Johnston said...

@Anon 10:05
mental illness is right. They can't be happy until they've found some victim group to liberate - usually, like in this case, with other people's money - and it's interesting how incensed they become when the victim doesn't seem grateful enough for their efforts. Recipe for nervous breakdown!

It's like a deal whereby, I help you by reducing you to the status of a helpless victim, if you act grateful and restore my Jesus-complex for me.

Tim Johnston said...

On a slightly different note - am I now to assume nobody can leave their property to their own children, on the grounds that it would be racist and discriminatory?

Interesting how the noble university concerned, if it were so "embarrassed" about the bequest, did not simply choose to refuse the bursary outright. It seems they will only be principled when there's no big wads of cash at stake.

Somebody needs to challenge this.