Friday, July 24, 2009

Police union demands an apology from Obama

The union demanded an apology from both President Obama and Governor Deval Patrick for jumping to a very public conclusion, and they argue, the wrong one:


I’ve remarked at least twice on the blog (Hot Air) that if you have to start off a sentence with “I wasn’t there and I don’t have all the facts,” the only correct conclusion to it is “so I have nothing to say about it at the moment.” Did they read that here? Actually, I rather doubt it. It’s pretty much a common-sense rule, which makes Obama’s failure to understand it quite indicting.

Update: That point applies equally to all sides, actually. I don’t know that Sergeant Crowley handled this properly; I don’t know whether Henry Gates was so disruptive that he had to be arrested; and even if Crowley didn’t handle this properly (which I also don’t know), I have even less knowledge of whether that came from some racial animus or just bad judgment in reaction to verbal abuse. In that situation, it’s better to let the city complete its own investigation to determine what happened — which is exactly what Barack Obama and Deval Patrick should have done before leaping to conclusions on all of these counts.

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Thomas J Wolfenden said...

As an ex-law enforcement officer here in the states, I can only say this.

It's another time when a black man, using the race card, says "You're only doing this because I'm black"

I don't know all the facts. I'm not going to comment on why he was arrested. I just don't know.

I do know this though. If this were another white professor and a white vop, it wouldn't have even made the local news, let alone gained the attention of the President.

Or, going one step further, if it was a black police officer and a white professor. Wouldn't have even wound up on page three of the local rag.

Did I ever use racial profiling when I was a cop?

Yes I did.

(This is for BC) Yes I did use racial profiling. Because if you were WHITE in the district I worked, you were definately up to no good. A white guy in my district would get more scrutiny over everyone else.

But I guess that's ok.

Thomas J Wolfenden said...

Just saw this on Yahoo! news:

Nothing like backpedaling and waffling.

Anonymous said...

I think he can give up the pretence of not being a black racist. It's in these unscripted non-teleprompter moments that you see him for who he really is.

You can't sit in the pews of Rev Wright who screeched anti-white racist vitriol week after week and "I hate America" crap and then pretend you know nuddin'.

The man is being exposed for the fraud that he is. He's a one term president, worse than Carter and that's saying something.

Thomas J Wolfenden said...

"He's a one term president, worse than Carter"

Doberman, I've been saying that for months. One term maybe, but the really scary part is the damage he'll do in the next three and a half years will take decades to repare, if they can be repaired at all.

Anonymous said...

The people that voted for that tosspot wanted "change". Too bad they couldn't see what change he was going to bring. You're right, Obama is going to do more damage to the US in 4 years than GW in 8. I pleaded McCain's case here for months (do a search of the blog there's some really good posts warning what Obama meant) but nobody listened, too caught up in the "1st black president" rhetoric. Well, the rhetoric has met reality.

Pensioner said...

I agree with you Doberman, Ohbummer without a teleprompter is like Zuma without a shower on his head, lost for words. He will not only damage the US, he is doing huge damage to the entire world's economies, together with his buddy Gordon Brown.

Anonymous said...

Obama has done a lot to blow his credibility with this incident.

Anonymous said...

This Obamanation's damage infliction is still to come: Drumming down of the US economy and the dollar, and then replacing the dollar with the Amero and at the same time the North American Union comes into effect.

FanonPoqoChimurenga said...

First - after reflecting on this a bit I think too many people are jumping on Obama here. A reporter asked him a question. Had he done what Doberman suggests and said "no comment" some people would have chided him for that. He gave an opinion and once he did, even if he was wrong, the police chiefs had no business asking for an apology. They would not have done so if Bush had made a similar comment and it just goes to show how much white racism is left in this country. I am not sure that race played a role in Crowley's decision to arrest Gates. But ask yourselves this - if this had been Henry Kissinger or some famous white professor who forgot his keys and broke into his house, then proved his identity and residence with ID would he have been arrested regardless of whether or not he got mad at the cop? On other hand, some blacks are quick to overreact to any white cop and as I told Doberman in email Gates may have done some profiling of his own here. He may have done so by assuming the cop was racist without first establishing why the officer was there.

Anonymous said...

@ BC, first off, when an officer approaches you, get off your high horse. None of the ranting "Do you know who I am shit?". That's the first point. Obama saying he did not have the facts but hey, black guy, white cop, it must be a stupid racist cop. That shows Obama's racism. It was Obama that assumed the incident was racial. And the vid, did you see that there were whites AND blacks demanding an apology? Obama pissed everyone off. Now had he said, no comment, who would he have pissed off EXCEPT the black professor? Read what Morgan Freeman has to say about racism in my next post.

FreeThinker said...

@ BC:

Like the Liberal Leftist Loser controlled MSM, you conveniently leave out certain facts in this case.

This racist bastard wasn't arrested in his home. He was arrested outside after continuing to verbally abuse the police officer. Where any sane person would call a locksmith, this idiot broke into his own home. It would be logical for the officer to ensure that a person breaking into a house is indeed the owner of the house and not just accept his word for it.

I would guess that this was the point where this bastard started pulling the race card again, because a white officer asked a black man for identity in his "own" home, the one he just broke into.

What would have happened if the officer did not arrest this man and he went on to attack somebody else? Surely common sense dictates that if you are prepared to verbally attack and harass a police officer, you will not hesitate to do the same to civilians.

And you liberals can put whatever spin you like on this, the fact is Alli-bongo-tele-bama clearly displayed his own racist agenda, just like the lovely Michelle did in her Princeton thesis, so racially motivated that people of her own colour refused to complete the questionnaire.

What a president this is!! He can apologise to terrorists, but gives some lame-ass excuse for his racist remarks against an American citizen! Just like another liberal idiot David Letterman, he should go look up the definition of the word "apology".

Anonymous said...

Well put Islandshark.

Thomas J Wolfenden said...

Doberman & Islandshark: Couldn't have said that to BC any better myself.