Monday, July 27, 2009

Passengers torch train after breakdown

Passengers set alight five coaches of the long distance rail service, Shosholoza Meyl, today after a locomotive broke down in the Free State.

Shosholoza Meyl acting chief executive Viwe Mlenzana said the train from Bloemfontein to Johannesburg, with approximately 150 passengers on board, was set alight at Virginia at 6.15am today.

"While arrangements were being made for a replacement locomotive, the passengers became very angry and started to threaten Shosholoza Meyl employees on board," he said in a statement.

"The damage to the train is estimated at R9 million."
No-one on board was injured in the incident. Mlenzana said buses were organised to take passengers from the scene to their destinations.

The line was closed for most of the day, while the wreckage was cleared . Trains departing this evening from Johannesburg to the Eastern Cape were not expected to be affected. Shosholoza Meyl said trains en route to Johannesburg were affected.

Referring to the locomotive breakdown, Mlenzana said all locomotives went through roadworthy testing as part of Shosholoza Meyl’s maintenance programme to ensure continuous running.

"Shosholoza Meyl does not condone acts of violence and the public should be aware that burning of trains is a crime and the perpetrators will face the might of the law," he said.

A board of inquiry had been set up to investigate the circumstances that led to the incident.

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Exzanian said...

"With our matches and petrol, we will make this country ungovernable" - Quote by Winnie Mandela.

Anonymous said...

Train late? No problem, burn it. Now, no train. We walk. The black brain at work.

Ranger Tom said...

It reminds me of something that happened here in the states quite a while ago...

While I don't condone the Klan, they did have a very good point and went to great extremes to prove it.

The city of Chester, PA is almost 100% black. Several years ago, the local Pennsylvania chapter of the KKK decided to hold a rally/march in that city.

This was almost 20 years ago and even though I did try to find some dcumentation on it, I couldn't, but I do remember it because I only lived about 40 miles norht of there and it was all over the local news.

Anyway, I digress. The Klan decided to hold a rally & march in Cester, PA. Got the permits and everything.

When the day wcame to have the rally, the black population came out in droves to protest the evil Klan, and in the process rioted and burned over 40% of the city. They looted and rioted for over three days, causing millions of dollars in damage.

Not one Klansman was injured.

Why no Klansmen were injured you ask?

Because none showed up in Chester, PA... On purpose.

When asked why they didn't show up, the Grand Wizzard exclaimed...

"You don't need us to destroy your cities, the blacks do it all by them selves. You don't see white folk burning down thier own homes and neighborhoods!"

Nuff said?

And I really wish I'd have been the engineer on that train... LOL

Anonymous said...

God, these "people" are animals. They destroy everything around them because they are too ignorant to design and build things in the first place!

Enjoyed your post RT. So typical of these brainless fools.

Anonymous said...


'Nuff said.

@ RT... I'd say that is pretty typical kaffir behaviour.

When are we going to throw these leeches off our shoulders?

Viking said...


you've summed up the "logic" nicely!

Anonymous said...

@ Viking, heh heh, once one realises the black brain is like a two-stroke lawnmower engine, it makes understanding its workings very easy.

Viking said...

Doberman, it's incomprehensible!
You couldn't make this stuff up. I can't fathom the rate at which these people destroy their own stuff - maybe they are so used to getting stuff for free by now that they don't care..

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's the gist of it. It ain't "mine" so I can break it. What the dumb schmucks can't grasp is that it IS theirs via the little taxes they pay and the next one will come out of their pockets as well.