Thursday, July 30, 2009

'n Boer maak 'n plan

While the premise of this story sounds positive as it demonstrates the resolve and ability of white South Africans to overcome adversity, one needs to keep in mind a few points.

One, while "
today 75% of white South Africans earning over R500 000 are self-employed" sounds good, it is 75% of a diminishing white population. People who can no longer get employment will depart the country leaving behind a bigger percentage of entrepreneurs who are reluctant to drop their life's work to restart elsewhere. It does not automatically mean that more entrepreneurs have been created per se but obviously there have been a few due to the necessity of having to, er, eat.

Two, despite everything that the black racists in the ANC alliance can throw at whites, AA, BEE, whites will always find a way to prosper and therein lies the difference in the the races.

Three, R500 000 in 1994 is not the same as R500 000 in 2009. Allowing for inflation, it should be about R2 million and there are not that many earning that amount in which case the study's conclusions is erroneous. However, expect the liberal so-called intelligentsia and politicians to milk these types of "studies" for all they are worth.

Zuma: No BEE changes


Employment equity makes little difference for white males.

This week FinMark Trust released the findings of the Consumer Vulnerability Index. Not too much of a surprise to learn that South African's are feeling especially vulnerable and that over and above the economic downturn our over consumption of debt and lack of savings have added to our vulnerability.

However, a very interesting finding by Unisa's Bureau of Market Research, who undertook the study on behalf of FinMark Trust, is that despite fears about the impact of employment equity on white males, income from the white population has increased the most among all population groups since 1994.

But it is the reason for this that is the most interesting, and that is a dramatic shift from employment to entrepreneurship. According to Unisa's Professor Carel van Aardt, in 1994 75% of the white population earning over R500 000 were formally employed. By 2007 this figure had completely reversed and today 75% of white South Africans earning over R500 000 are self-employed or have a business on the side to supplement their income.

Source: Moneyweb

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Anonymous said...

I know a lot of SA's white males that were worked out of the workforce due to AA - all they did was get re-hired as a "consultant" by their previous companies after the K4's had messed these companies up. These guys get hired for more than they earned originally - they are then also free to start up another business or consult for other companies thus earning more money. So, whitey smiles all the way. Unfortunately, the K4's are still in charge and continue to do the damage so in the long term there really isn't much hope.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:57, that is very true.

Anonymous said...

I know of quite a few whiteys working as consultants for BEE firms who got seriously screwed over.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are a jealous lot arent they?