Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Motshekga accelerates into action

Professor Jansen, the Vice- Chancellor of the University of the Free State, recently described Angie Motshekga, the Basic Education Minister, as a “lazy and incompetent minister, if one takes into account her record as MEC in Gauteng”.

Jessie Duarte, the ANC’s national spokesman, demanded a public apology from him. She suggested he was a racist reminiscent of the apartheid era.

She praised Mrs Motshekga as an activist committed to the transformation of our education system.

Shortly afterwards, Mrs Motshekga demonstrated her commitment to transformation by buying herself two luxurious imported cars, with a total cost to the taxpayer of R1,7 mi
llion. Another ANC munista buys two luxury cars

The cars are a BMW 730D and a Range Rover TDV8. Luxury cars made in South Africa were obviously not luxurious enough for this transforming minister.

To get the revolutionary message across, they had to be imported.

A school teacher today is lucky to earn R150 000 a year. So Mrs Motshekga’s imported cars cost over 10 times as much as a school teacher’s annual salary.

While Mrs Motshekga was education MEC in Gauteng, she attended Jacob Zuma’s court trial instead of an education hearing and took no action to stop the Nehawu Trade Union taking teachers out of classrooms.

This showed her commitment to transformation.

No doubt Mrs Duarte thoroughly approved. It seems that the racist, counter-revolutionary Prof Jansen actually believes in putting the schoolchildren first.

Our public school system is collapsing and the ANC is doing nothing to correct it.

The schools serving the vast majority of our black children are dysfunctional, failing hopelessly to provide them with the skills they need and that our economy needs. ANC leaders couldn’t give a damn.

They shout liberation slogans, and then send their own children to Model-C schools (formerly white schools) or private schools. For them, like Mrs Motshekga, transformation means looking after the interests of the ruling elite.

The jobless, the homeless and the schoolchildren deprived of decent education should know when they watch the Minister of Basic Education swishing past in one of her gleaming, imported cars that they have seen the sword of the revolution and the banner of transformation.

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Exzanian said...

"recently described Angie Motshekga, the Basic Education Minister, as a “lazy and incompetent minister"
Aren't they all? SA ministers I mean.

Anonymous said...

They are fast though.

Well at least in the backseat of their luxury cars.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a black woman try to drive?? Oh, forgot, this is SA - she'll have to get a driver or two to do this for her as well.

Anonymous said...

...She (butt-fugly duarte) praised Mrs Motshekga as an activist (sic - how can this fatfuck get active anyway?) committed to the transformation of our education system...

transformation...yes, truly...from one of the best education systems in the world to the most dumbed-down in the world..

...mind you, this angie is also one of the fugliest sheboons I've seen on tv...

You know what, these boons can steal all the money in the world, try and copy whitey, but they'll always be fuggen ugly and then some...

Anonymous said...

Here's my prediction. That the ANC clique is doing this is good for us. It's not going unnoticed by the great unwashed, they can see the pics, they can read. They see officials pampering themselves while they live like rats. This is good. I believe these next five years is the make or break of SA. The ANC will be hard-pressed to keep its overwhelming majority come 2014. If we can survive till then, the people will look back, see that life hasn't gotten better, 20 years is chances enough, time to clean house. We just need COPE, UDM, IFP, DA, whomever to keep it together and keep telling the minions what their elected is wasting their money on.

Anonymous said...

@ Dobes...

I agree. The great unwashed are not as stupid as the ANC think they are.

I don't know if we are going to get the luxury of a 2014 election though.

The natives are getting VERY restless and so are the Boers. I talk to many interesting people and the undercurrents I am picking up is one of great frustration, but it would seem that the Boers are slowly getting their balls back. Something has to give. Trade your gold and silver in for some more lead and brass if you're still here. That way, you'll live a bit longer, and have the wherewithal to get some more gold and silver (hee hee) to spend in the free republic.