Saturday, July 25, 2009


I have recently been bogged down by work and personal issues and I was wondering how Doberman and some of the other contributors always find the energy to be so consistent in posting on ILSA.

I then got to thinking and remembered a post earlier this year in which
Dobes did a short article on the future of ILSA.

He outlined what his vision for the blog was in starting it up, and the way he saw it moving forward.

Part of his vision was to extend ILSA even further to other like minded people, such as myself, as a platform to disseminate the un-sanitised truth about SA to the world on the internet.

At that stage, I remember the number of blog hits had been in the region of 172,000, which was pretty impressive in itself. Today, it is heading for 500,000. Since then, there have been a number of new contributors added to the list, including myself.

The comments continue to pour in and the hits keep coming.

As a contributor to this site, I know I speak in unison with all the others in saying I am proud to be part of this cyber team. It is great to be able to vocalise the truth about what is happening in SA, unlike the sanitised versions presented in the Main Stream Media.

My thanks go to Dobes for inspiring us all, for his unswerving dedication and hard work. And more, thanks for giving the blog to us Dobes. It has helped many of us to re-discover our identity. Yes, we may be apart from the crowd, but I know that that is because many more out there need only to discover ILSA.

I know Dobes will still continue to lead the way on ILSA and I hope that everyone will refresh their own commitment to ILSA as we carry the blog, and it’s message, forward. The only quid pro quo will be your commitment (But if you know someone who owns a bumper sticker or T-shirt company, drop us a line!)

For others following the blog, and perhaps even anonymous, if what you find on this blog resonates with something inside you, spread the word!

Link ILSA to your own blog, e-mail attachments and article links to your friends. Anon, you too can start your own blog. Do it! It’s easy and its free and we need the word to spread. Your right to free speech is the greatest one on the planet, use it or lose it!

There is no telling where this will end, but it will take passion, and commitment.

Doberman has it, do you?

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FishEagle said...

Great post, Exzanian.

Thomas J Wolfenden said...

T shirts, made to order:

All kinds of stuff, t-shirts, bumperstickers, coffe mugs and the like, made to order:

Hope that helps, Exzainian! I'm been using spreadshirt now for a few years for my very un PC shirts, they really do a good job and the price is right!

Exzanian said...

Thanks FE. It's amazing to think of the volumes that Dobes has been posting! We all need to take that forward, follow his lead so to speak...(you seem to be doing alright darlin' - like a fish in water ;)

Anonymous said...

Very kind words Exzanian. ILSA was started to be a community blog for like-minded people who despair over the tragedy unfolding in their beloved homeland. White SAns are not generally very good public complainers, we do our moaning in private, we resign our fates too meekly. We don't picket, we don't protest in groups, we don't make our voices heard. Forums like this allow us to reach many people very quickly.

ILSA is also intended to be a port of call for those struggling to adjust in the South African diaspora. It is very difficult to uproot one's life, memories and start afresh and talking to other SAns and sharing experiences goes a long way to helping. We may be apart but we share a heritage and therefore have common interests.

It is also hoped that should the day come that I decide to move on, or take a back seat, that the blog will pass on to others that will keep it moving. We owe it to the people stuck in SA to help and in memory of those that have died senselessly. I won't allow their deaths to be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I regularly read and comment on ILSA as well as SAS, and I enjoy both these blogs immensely. Please don't be offended when I say that ILSA has nowhere near the number of reader comments that SAS does. I'm sure there are just as many readers on ILSA - but for some reason there is a culture of non-commenting among them. I'm not sure why this would be - perhaps they see the contributor comments - which often turn into a conversation between contributors - and feel they have no place here, or that the comments section belongs to the contributors and not the readers. I think you really need to encourage readers to comment more - invite comments; encourage readers to comment. On SAS, the comments section often turns into a heated debate between different readers - I never see that here, but I believe we should be seeing it here, and that it would enrich this blog tremendously.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:41, your point is well taken however the reason for less comments on ILSA is that we just post far more than most blogs and there isn't the time for a debate to form. Nothing on our front page is older than two days.

If you miss one or two days on ILSA, the post or discussion you may have been following is gone off the front page and is dozens of posts ago. We do this deliberately because our main focus is getting people to see a wide array of posts and even for me, it's more interesting than finding the same post on the front page all day long.

We appreciate the comments of course but it is secondary because we want more news to get out. It's two sides of the same penny. Both good.

Tim Johnston said...

@Ranger Tom
I have a great idea for a range of printed t-shirts with quotes from the Koran on them - just innocuous ones with no specific pro-Islamic meaning but direct quotes nonetheless - as anti-terrorist protection! They can't blow you up if you are wearing their precious scriptures :)

Tim Johnston said...

Well said, Exzanian. I echo your comments 100%.

Pensioner said...

I have been enjoying ILSA for months now and I always enjoy reading the posts that Dobes puts on.
Great job Dobes and may ILSA go from strength to strength.

Anonymous said...

@Viking: Why not stop pussyfooting around and just wear a t-shirt with the word "infidel" on it. You're one to them anyway, unless you're one of them.

Exzanian said...

Anon: 5:41 PM
Besides ILUVSA posting way more prolifically, I am personally also encouraging Anon users such as yourself, to sign up as a google blogger and join in! It is fun and free, and you can play your part in following and giving opinions. The link is in the main post. btw, I have ordered my made to order bumper sticker simply worded:
from zazzle for under a fiver. Will post a pic once I get it. Join in!

Thomas J Wolfenden said...

@Viking! Very true! Let me know when you start selling them, I'll buy a bunch!