Monday, July 27, 2009

Has the BNP lost all relevance?

Although I may not necessarily endorse the views expressed in this article, the BNP (and it's potential influence in the UK) will have a great impact on my future. I am concerned about the "facism" (such an old fashioned word) displayed by the BNP and the similarities I can't help but notice to other organisations such as the AWB. I have to ask myself, does the BNP have a credible alternative to the problems in the UK? Whilst I personally stand for freedom of expression and freedom of association, how do we translate the policies of the BNP into workable solutions?

Is it not time for the BNP to attune themselves more to the 21st century? And if so, how do they do it? What will their policies be?


“The British National Party exists to secure a future for the indigenous peoples of these islands in the North Atlantic which have been our homeland for millennia. We use the term indigenous to describe the people whose ancestors were the earliest settlers here after the last great Ice Age and who have been complemented by the historic migrations from mainland Europe. The migrations of the Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Norse and closely related kindred peoples have been, over the past few thousand years, instrumental in defining the character of our family of nations”

I think that is probably the shortest suicide note in political history. In itself it gives the left wing the club to beat the BNP with. Although it doesn't quite say 'whites only', that is the clear impression that people will go away with. The BNP insist this is not racist by pointing out the number of 'black only' organisations (National Black Police Association etc) that exist in the UK. Unfortunately this does not work - any organisation that filters membership by skin colour is racist.

Personally I want a party that embraces and works in the best interests of ALL the population of this country by pursuing the policies it believes will achieve that end. The British people are a very fair minded people and this fact (far more than any of the others I shall come to) will commit the BNP permanently to the political wilderness.

Also looking at the BNP website, it looks like an ideological battleground. That sort of thing turns off mainstream voters – they won’t read the Socialist Workers Party’s website either. But they will happily read through the Conservative, Labour or Liberal sites to see what positive and useful policies they offer (if any).

And when you do see a BNP person on TV (rare and of course they should be given equal airtime as anyone else), they nearly always appear shifty, nearly always have short cropped hair and look like a thug or, in the case of Nick Griffin, (who doesn't’t fit either of those descriptions) he is always surrounded by six knuckle draggers who do. Yes I know he needs protection from the loony left / Searchlight brigade but it all looks strangely reminiscent of the early 1930s and I have to say I think this is deliberate. Maybe they are all wonderful people who help old ladies across the road but they don't look it.

Richard Barnbrook (GLA member) was on 'The Big Questions' (BBC TV) recently. As if to reinforce what I have said above, he looked shifty throughout the program and failed to make a coherent statement or explain his point of view. In another TV program called 'BNP wives', the cameras followed a group of married women who were canvassing on behalf of the BNP. While I know that a program can be edited in any way that the producer wants - lets just say I wouldn't want any of them as neighbours.

The BNP don’t get a fair hearing in the media (deliberately). Personally, I think all points of view should be heard as it is only by allowing free speech that you know what parties are actually thinking. The BNP should be allowed to speak and let the public make their own minds up.

But of course the BNP have played right into their enemies hands by not being open to all and by tolerating a few thug members who think Paki bashing is OK. (as caught out by the BBC). It was wrong to prosecute Nick Griffin & Co on the basis of that program but it restores our faith in the jury system for a jury to see straight through a politically motivated trial.

I also think that as BNP membership is not illegal, certain organisations should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for purging their membership of BNP members. I was once in a university debate against Colin Moses and Brian Caton (chairman and secretary of the Prison Officers Association). They told me afterwards that they spend most of their time weeding out members of the BNP from their union. Bizarre, I said.

So now you all know why I don't wish to support the BNP even though we do agree on a lot of things. If the BNP wish to become more mainstream then please address the points above. Then one day the bullet holes you yourselves shot in both your feet may heal up! And if you can't understand that then maybe the term 'knuckledragger' does really fit. Calling it the 'Littlejohn Syndrome' really is a cop out!

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Tim Johnston said...

Great post,Exzanian.

Anonymous said...

The BNP may not have all the answers but with the threat the indigenous population faces, what you need is a party that is 100% behind it and the BNP is that.

Anonymous said...

Because being a "non-racist" works FOR darkies and AGAINST whites, all future attempts at being non-racist will lead to the doom of the white race. Sad to say, whites will have to become "racist" to secure their future. I think the BNP knows this, they just cannot say it (yet) because of the peecee frame of mind of British people. There is nothing wrong with racism - it is a completely natural human trait. In the history of humanity, no two tribes have ever lived together without: (1) wiping each other out or (2) one completely dominating the other. It is the lie that different races can live together happily ever after in a non-racist fashion, that is causing all the trouble. But it may take a civil war in Britain for the people to realise this. The outcome of that, ultimately, will be apartheid in both Britian and the US. What has been condemned as a "crime against humanity" will end up being the de-facto solution for peace in the long term: viva apartheid!

Thomas J Wolfenden said...

Excellent post Exzanian. I had no idea of the BNP. I abhor knuckle dragging tactics and hate just to furment more hate. The white man does have a very valid argument in the reverse descrimination that's going on every day, but again, I wish more sane and level-headed minds would prevail... Why I won't listen to the Klan, Stormfront or Ayrian Nations alnog with the left-wing socialists. I lump them all into the same catagory.

The thing I'm most annoyed with is this: People immigrate from other countries into yours, but instead of assimilating into your society, DEMAND you change to thier culture when it should be the other way round.

In this instance I'd have to agree with them.

Tim Johnston said...

@Ranger Tom
I feel exactly the same way.
I regret that whites - who have historically never stuck together like other groups have - have been forced to become 'racist' when in reality we are a minority seeking to protect ourselves.
We should not descent into tribalism, because we give up all that we've given to the world in the process. but i'm seriously racking my brain to come up with an alternative...

Anonymous said...

I agree with you too.I believe we are what they nade us.Cant use certain words cant say black etc.On your head be it if you do.Its ridiculous.Yet Radical Muslims in our country burnt our flag and nothing gets done.Its time that we found our voice and we stuck together.I am not a racist but i do believe in Britain and being British,i am proud of being a British subject.Arent the African people proud of their country,yes they are and rightly so.Every one should be proud of their birth country.This isnt a thing against coloured people.Its against all immigrants that arent British regardless of colour.If our so called government doesnt act on a sensible and severe cap on immigration.Then the power of the BNP will grow and grow.Its our time and we will be heard one way or another.
I mean no disrespect to anyone who isnt British,they too would stand up for their beliefs in their own country i am sure.

Tim Johnston said...

Totally right, 100%, Anon.
And the coloured people you refer to know damn well it's nothing against them - many of them are on our side. The decent hardworking ones know through their efforts which side their bread is buttered on and who the real threats are.

Anonymous said...

Viking On our TV News today it said.That MP's can claim for food without receipts as long as they say they werent at home at the time.Now the amount they can clain now is more than i have to live on !!!Thats just on food,on top of that will be council tax mortgage tax etc etc.
Second point,Esther Rantzen is standing as MP for Luton.Did you know that in Luton over 100 different languages are spoken.My God how can that be 100 is a heck of a lot.Doesnt that just show how right we are in what we are saying Viking.50% of schools are non British.We have schools here in West Yorks where the full class is Asian,not one white UK child.Surely it cant be right.Maybe being British will one day be a thing of the past.

Tim Johnston said...

well my dad is a Yorkshireman and he said that was one of the first areas in England where immigrants came after the war. He told me that they worked hard to fit in and English people gave them a very fair go. It was only when a lot of them started agitating that the English became suspicious of them. Maybe that's a onesided view but my dad is also quite anti-immigrant and wouldn't make up good stuff about them if it weren't true! He had a West Indian on his rugby team who they all admired and was bl**dy brilliant by all accounts.

The point is, when they were a minority and went to English schools and learnt English and became British, they prospered, but once they ganged together in their own ghettos with their own schools (egged on by the all-knowing socialists), they stayed stuck in their third world (in the case of Africans) or medieval (moslems) mentalities. There's nothing un-British about having immigrants, but there's plenty un-British about letting them set up colonies in our country!

Esther Rantzen? is she still alive?? and what party will she represent, Anon?

Anonymous said...

Viking lol yes shes alive and kicking.I think shes independent.Going after Morans seat.
Bradford is well and truly colonised.Its such a shame.Dewsbury is heading the same,so many Mosques too.I dont understand how come Muslims may have their own community centres health etc just for themselves.Yet we who are British cant.Its really a ridiculous situation.
You know people are really down about it.With the depression,companies closing,no jobs,losing their homes.Then being treat like a second class citizen.Immigrants do come first on the housing lists no matter what they tell us.its all so unfair.We can hardly afford to keep our own people let alone the endless rush of immigrants coming in.How will it all end? God knows.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:05 - the only way you are going to regain your country is to be UNREASONABLE. It was being "nice" and "reasonable" which got you into the shite in the first place.

Tim Johnston said...

I don't agree with you Anon 7:40. We got into trouble by being nice, yes, but the way out of it is to actually enforce our own laws (even Nick Griffin said that), and stop being "nice" as you put it by being detached and voting in a government that is prepared to be dispassionate and respect the rule of Law.

Anonymous said...

I go with Viking anon.The speach the Australian Prime minister once made was spot on.Basically he said come live here fine.Live our way we will have cctv etc on your Mosques so as to prevent trouble.etc.We are an english speaking country.basically if you dont like it you are free to leave anytime.Thats how i think it should be.When people enter a country they should live by the rules and laws set down,If they object then show them the door.The problem is,our lot dont lay down rules.Its a free for all when they get here.We the underdogs of the population will try sort things out and take second place.We dont want to upset anyone do we.