Sunday, July 26, 2009

Government Official Implicated in Missing Traffic Camera Scandal

South Africa is sliding into anarchy because of thieves like this. The ANC's policy of "deploying" (gawd, I hate that word) cadres into positions of power as payback and to buy loyalty is causing service delivery to suffer and corruption to prosper. Imagine tens of thousands of parasites like this feasting on the lifeblood of the country, that's what these people represent. Eventually the animal must die.


A municipal official in Polokwane, South Africa will return to work next week despite an ongoing investigation into a number of corruption charges, including involvement in the theft of a traffic camera.

Municipal Manager Letsepe Thubakgale had been suspended on May 28 after the mayor raised questions about Thubakgale's possible role in the disappearance of a traffic camera from the intersection of Nelson Mandela and Vermukuliet streets, The Sowetan newspaper reported.

Mayor Thabo Makunyane had been furious that Thubakgale recorded an expense of R700,000 (US $90,000) for a replacement camera even though the device was available for R135000 (US $17,500). Thubakgale was also accused of mismanaging Polokwane's preparations as a host city for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

In May, Mayor Makunyane sent Thubakgale a letter of suspension. When Thubakgale refused to acknowledge it, he was formally suspended, with fully pay, during a public council meeting for two months. Thubakgale argued that he never had a chance to respond to the charges leveled against him and that his suspension was improper.

Source: Municipal heads waiting game (The Sowetan)

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Anonymous said...

The animal has died. All these parasites are doing is sucking the last bit of blood out of the carcass.

White (and thinking black) taxpayers are flocking from South Africa in droves. They are not only taking their taxes, but also their ingenuity, employment of others, and a host of other benefits. Those of us who are making similar plans, in the meantime, have set up businesses offshore, and are siphoning money away from the receiver of revenue. We have sacked the maid and the gardener and are doing it ourselves in preparation for our new lives, and saving thousands of rands a year in breakages and wages.

We have these corrupt ANC losers to thank. I refuse to pay taxes to a government who only seeks to impoverish me while enriching themselves. I will steal, hide, evade, avoid etc. taxes using every legal and illegal tactic I can. Fuck them. I will not support this marxist cleptocratic regime. Fuck them again!!!

I suggest that any right thinking South African do the same. It takes a bit of research and a bit of conniving, but you can get it done. Save up for a trip, coz you'll have to be physically present in most places when opening a company and bank accounts.

Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:43, you're right. I don't advocate anyone leaving for the sake of leaving but I do STRONGLY recommend that people have a Plan B in place. Leaving all your eggs in that rickety basket is crazy.