Saturday, July 25, 2009

City man slain for nothing

They took nothing from him, so why did they shoot and kill him? This is the question that the Blignault family in Moreleta Park are battling with as they struggle to come to terms with the death of Johann Blignault, who was killed in cold blood at his home on Friday. Blignault, who worked in the pharmaceutical industry and was also a business adviser, is the latest victim in the string of murders that have occurred in Pretoria East over the last two weeks. And now the deputy national police commissioner has pledged that special measures will be taken to stop the killings.

Blignault was working on his computer in his lapa at about 5.30am when about three unknown men entered his home and shot him twice.

Blignault apparently heard noises at the corner of his backyard, where the men had knocked off a single bar on his steel fence.

He was shot in the head and neck and left on the ground to bleed to death as the men fled and disappeared.

Ionn, Blignault's 22-year-old son, was woken up by the commotion while sleeping in his bedroom, which is situated right next to the lapa.

"My dad usually woke up around the 5am to work in the lapa, but on Saturday morning things did not happen as usual."

"Because I usually go to bed late, I'm in deep sleep at that time. But on Saturday morning I was woken up by his screams and about four gunshots in the backyard. When I got out I found him lying on the ground bleeding," said Ionn.

According to Ionn, his father had been shot in the head and neck, and the neck was bleeding profusely.

Now the family do not feel safe in their home despite assurances by police that they would bring those responsible to book.

"We bought this house here specifically because we wanted to be close to nature as that is the kind of person my father was. He loved the outdoors and this place was just ideal," said Ionn.

On Friday, Deputy National Commissioner Andre Pruis said they had noticed the recent murders in Pretoria East and were paying special attention to them.

"We have noticed that people are being senselessly killed in their homes and the murderers do not even take any of their possessions.

"We are employing crime intelligence and doing pattern analysis to determine what exactly is motivating these murders," said Pruis.

From Pretoria News

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Anonymous said...

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And that is the whole sorry tale.


Get alternative means of defense.

Be alert.


Anonymous said...

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