Friday, July 24, 2009

Apartheid did not oppress us

I'm a great believer in kicking a liberal when he's down. Actually kicking one any time is fine too. Islandshark's post A picture is worth 30,000 lives (a year) where blacks demonstrate that the liberals' favourite liberation poster-child is worse than a right-wing white party must come as a shock to black apologists and liberals.

It's not the way it was meant to be. Black, good, white, bad. The answer was so simple. Remove evil whites, put in "good" blacks. The mind of a liberal is so uncomplicated (that's because it is devoid of useful things like facts and reality). Did anybody bother to check who the ANC was? Was the image of Mandela standing before the hammer and sickle and the terrorist bombs not clues? Camp Quatro? There must be liberals weeping into their lattes right now, assuming the liberal MSM dares to show the signs at all. Somebody let me know when BBC or CNN posts the picture. Don't hold your breath.

The rest of the post is by Hansie0Slim elucidating the point made by the black interviewee in the post title for the benefit of foreigners who were fed the Nazi propaganda about apartheid. The reporter is incredulous when the black man says what he did not want to hear, namely that apartheid was bad for blacks and all blacks hated it. It proves my point that the modern mainstream media has gone from reporting news to shepperding it, moulding it to suit their own ideology and bias. Like I say, kick 'em.

Many black people are now starting to realise that life is worse under the ANC than under white rule.

This man is obviously thinking of the time during the last decades of Apartheid, when there were no more pass laws, forced removals or "whites only" signs.

People find this statement fascinating, because over decades a completely distorted picture of the actual situation in South Africa has been presented to the world by the media and activists.

The images of police violence and the blatantly racist apartheid laws of the 50's to the early 70's (whites only public amenities, beaches, hotels etc.) were portrayed as telling the full story. The fact that 90% + of people of colour were treated with respect and kindness by the average white South African never made the news, was kept hidden from the world. The fact that those petty Apartheid laws had mostly been repealed by the early 70's and remaining ones like pass-laws were gradually being phased out throughout the late 70's and 80's was not widely reported.

It is therefore indeed the simple truth that this black man speaks -- during the last decade of Apartheid, black people were not repressed in South Africa. The only remaining issue was the lack of political rights for people of colour. It is not surprising though that the ANC was elected to government with a landslide victory -- black people outnumbered the rest by 10 to 1, and were promised good houses, electricity, jobs and wealth.

Only now, after 14 years, are they starting to realise that they've been misled, expectations were too high, and in fact many aspects of their lives were better under Apartheid -- at least during the last decade or so of white rule.

Unfortunately, the reforms of the last white government were seen as weakness by those activists and ambitious black leaders who knew that, with the large numerical supremacy of black people, they could bag an easy victory through "democracy", ensuring themselves a ticket to riches and power.

With the doctrine of "liberation before education" during the 80's they encouraged violence, i.e. killing of other black people (15 000 from 1990 -- 1994, compared with 5 000 during the preceding 40 years of Apartheid) and destruction of property -- schools, libraries, community centres etc. This led to conflict with police, who were trying to restore order and protect property. These scenes of violence were then broadcast across the world, creating the impression that black people were being oppressed by a "police state".

It never made the news that most black people, particularly in their homelands, were living in peace, and just wanted to get on with their lives and make a living. Something this man obviously is finding more difficult now under black rule. This is likely to get worse with the current infrastructure collapse in the country's electricity supply, water & sewage systems, health care system and police.

These are precisely the things that had happened before in the rest of Africa, and this knowledge contributed to the white people's wish to retain political power in South Africa, remaining in control of its infrastructure - the most advanced in Africa.

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Thomas J Wolfenden said...

I am now smacking my head against the wall repetedly...

But we can't forget it's all the whit man's fault!

Anonymous said...

RT, I'll bet you never knew about this version of pre-1994 South Africa? The truth is out but too late.

Thomas J Wolfenden said...

Doberman: I'd met several SA Soldiers when I was in the Army in the 1980's. I was young, and still belived some of the left's propaganda on SA and really didn't believe it at the time, what they'd told me about life in SA.

It really pains me to see what's happening now.

I really understand now. I wish there was something I could do...

FreeThinker said...

RT, there is. We have to get the message out.

As you rightly said, the USA could very well be following South Africa's route. And even though you are not outnumbered 10 to 1 by illegals / unemployed / poor / free-loaders, I would hate to put a real figure to the number of illegal immigrants in USA today.

You then have to ask yourself what those people really want. Do they want integration with society with all the responsibilities and awards this brings about, or are they interested in what the "handouts" would be?

When I then look at Obama's antics and what the likes of ACORN get away with, I think the intentions are fairly clear...

Anonymous said...

That's the SA I grew up in. It wasn't all bad - the blacks were treated with respect and more importantly, they respected us. The feared the police and knew they would be in trouble if they committed a crime as the police went into their townships and caught the perpetrator/s without fear (I knew some of these police guys and they were fearless together with their dogs). Then along came the West......