Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"The ANC will rule until Jesus comes"

Charismatic pastor Ray McCauley and other church leaders are to join hands with President Jacob Zuma to try put a stop to the service delivery protests engulfing the country.

McCauley and 20 other religious leaders yesterday formed the National Interfaith Leaders’ Council, through which they plan to enter into partnerships with the government “in creating a cohesive and caring” society.

The council is scheduled to meet Zuma on August 11, when it will, among other things, create proposals on how another wave of service delivery protests can be prevented.

The new council’s head of secretariat, John Lamola, said they would ask Zuma to convene a national summit to discuss the delivery of services to poor communities.

“[The summit] will look at issues of service delivery — from police and housing to education.

“We have delivery problems on the ground and, as the church, we feel that we can make a contribution,” Lamola said.

McCauley suggested that the new body would replace the Religious Working Group that operated within the Presidency during presuident Thabo Mbeki's tenure.

He said “previous interactions” with the Presidency had not produced a “strong and proactive” religious leadership structure and that the new council would correct this.

Yesterday’s summit was also attended by ANC chief whip Mathole Motshekga, a leading religious voice in the ANC.

Motshekga said the new body would transcend political affiliations and would be “geared towards serving the interests of all people”.

McCauley and Zuma have created a close working relationship in the past few months.

The Rhema Church pastor was embroiled in controversy in April when he invited Zuma to address his congregation just days before the general election.

Opposition parties accused McCauley of using his church unfairly to campaign for Zuma and the ANC.

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Anonymous said...

Two hands working is worth more than a thousand clasped in prayer!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon: That depends on whether the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.

Anonymous said...

That pastor is a cunt!

Anonymous said...

..Lullahaljah...lets heave the gideon bible at the baboons...


Exzanian said...

McCauley is a fraud. A filthy rich hypocritical loan shark and divorced wash out with pathetic televangelical looks and plastic smile. I've been to his crap little Church in Edenvale and it is nothing more than legalised theft going on there. So keep going to Church if you want to and support Mccauley/ Zuma in their unholy embrace if you are so naive.

Anonymous said...

Let us all pray.....

Anonymous said...

@Dachshand, Good point.