Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Are All A Twitter

Some time ago somebody raised the idea of us being on twitter. Well we toyed with the idea, opened an account, and that was about as far as it went.

Well I just so happen to ....... well let's just say it is always in my clients interest to ensure that I understand the new technologies, so I took a closer look at twitter.

Twitter is like sms, or not, it is like mini-blogging, or not. I know, it is confusing. But basically twitter allows you to send messages to a friend, or friends, in a similar way to sms but it provides a web page for others to follow, like facebook. In order to receive alerts, you associate your cell phone with your account. If you don't want to do this, you visit your twitter account, to receive updates.

What Has This To Do With ILuvSA?

Well, you will see that beneath each article is a "twit this" button. If you wanted to share the article with your mates, you could add it to your twitter account. You need to be on the article's page (as opposed to the homepage listing) in order to generate an article specific link. By clicking the "twit this" button, the button will ask you to log in to your twitter account and then it will post a link to the article. If you, and your followers, have associated your phone with your account, then you will receive notification everytime there is a new posting, if you follow the I Luv SA twitter site (found at You simply need to have an account and click "Follow" on our twitter site. If your phone is internet enabled then you can access the article by clicking in the twitter link.

The benefits are that you will be able to spread our articles far and wide, attract a larger reader base; and stay up to date if you connect a phone to your twitter account, and follow our site.

If this first step works, we will video enable the twitter site as well so you can upload directly from your mobile phones, and send us the drama, incompetence and filth as it is witnessed. That will make for compelling viewing. We want to move towards a proactive site too, something like we witnessed in Iran. Instead of reporting on past news, we want to report news as it happens, even if it is racial slander at your local KFC.

3 Opinion(s):

Exzanian said...

Brill! Will it work on an oldish Nokia (text only?)

Anonymous said...

@Vince R. I wish I could answer you on that one. I just don't know. I am still trying to figure out if Twitter is more hype than reality.

Anonymous said...

@Vince R. I have tested it and you do get cell phone updates. My suggestion is to create your account, add your phone in the device section, click follow LuvSA and see what happens.