Friday, June 26, 2009

"The Way We Get By"

This is off topic I know but I found it so touching. Whatever your position on the Iraq or Afghan wars, or any war for that matter, your beef is with the politicians, not the soldiers. The soldiers ought to be honoured for their courage and service on the battlefield. This documentary tells the story of a group of senior citizens who greet solders returning home day or night to thank them and welcome them back home. It's raw humanity on display.

Since the first Gulf War in 1991, a group of veterans and townspeople from the area have greeted every troop flight that arrives or departs from Bangor International Airport. They’re so loyal to their mission that the airport set aside a permanent room for them.

I’ve been at the airport a couple of times when troop flights have arrived, and it’s a moving experience. Soldiers file in and the minute they enter the terminal, the troop greeters start applauding, shaking hands and hugging the troops. In the troop greeter room, soldiers are given access to snacks and free cell phones they can use to call loved ones. Although I’ve never been a formal part of the troop greeting, I have taken the opportunity to shake a hand or clap for those who serve our country.

“The Way We Get By” follows the lives of three troop greeters. It’s in limited release now, but at the movie website you can request a screening of the film in your area. The reviews, both from professional reviewers and those I know who have seen the movie, are extremely positive.

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