Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Upsurge of violent crime in Harare

It's a free for all in Harare, with pastors and professional thugs looting and beating up cabinet ministers and street vendors alike. The police are opting out which is understandable, given that they get beaten up as well and don't get paid for it either. You can't trust the bank with your cash and you can't keep it at home either. Don't bother buying a Prado or a cellphone, because you won't get to keep it unless you're Robert Mugabe.

How long before we have total anarchy here too? Go to any supermarket and see the meagre baskets poor blacks are carrying. Whites too, but blacks can't afford to buy staples anymore. Do we care, seeing that blacks so easily turn on the hand that feeds them? Yes, we should, because more starving blacks equals more crime.


Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, once considered one of the safest cities in Africa, has been rocked by an upsurge of armed robberies and murders.

Underpaid and ill-equipped police are failing to deal with the sudden increase in serious crime and have instead resorted to warning the public to be wary of armed robbers. At the weekend, an armed gang broke into the Harare home of a Cabinet minister and pistol-whipped her doctor husband before ransacking the home.

Dr Mushonga [firstname unknown] was at home when the armed gang struck, but his wife, Pricilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, the minister of integration and international co-operation, was out of the country. The brazen thieves stole the minister’s official car – a Toyota Prado, several cellphones and a small amount of cash, US$150. Dr Mushonga was left for dead with head injuries.

Police have warned city dwellers not to keep large amounts of hard currency in their homes.

Zimbabweans are wary of local banks and prefer to keep their cash under the mattress.

Of late, armed gangs have become more brazen, robbing banks and attacking motorists and pedestrians in broad daylight.

The police said two badly injured people, thought to be street vendors, were found near Glen Nora township on Thursday. Both have died.

This week Augustine Mutanga, 30, a pastor of the Spirits Embassy Ministry, in Westgate, Harare, and his alleged accomplices will appear in the Chinhoyi Magistrate’s Court.

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Simultaniously this Tsvangarei lapdog is in Europe with the begging bowl - and what's worse the EU / Germany / the UK and some more boon loving countries have again given bucks to this criminals.

Anonymous said...

@WHITEADDER: Those are pledges that MIGHT be paid to foreign managed NGO's, on condition that Zim meets the requirement of a government of unity (not to be confused with a larger corrupt government, but try getting that into a nigger's head), and that Zim meets international standards for reform (try getting international standards into a nigger's head).

So those payments won't be made if citizens of a donor country would put themselves in physical danger by setting foot inside Zim.



Will the white farmers get their stolen land back and will they be able to work it in peace? I doubt very much that this is mentioned in any conditions or requirements to meet international standards. We all know this is a pipe dream and will not happen. I am not so certain that some white taxpayers donor money will not find its way to the Zim criminal ruling elite.

Anonymous said...

Africa - home to anarchy!

Anonymous said...

Africa seems content to return to a state of savagery. Perhaps it is us that impedes the transformation, as we cannot accept that any group would want to return to such a state. We should simply withdraw, and stop providing aid. Of course, in the long run Africa will be recolonised, as the civilised world runs out of scare resources.

Anonymous said...

@VI: At least the global recession is giving the mealy mouthed west the excuse to give less aid because they're also cash strapped. The Chinese are not so impeded because they have a culture of saving. That recolonisation might happen sooner than anticipated.

Anonymous said...

@WHITEADDER: Just in case your question isn't rhetorical: the west has always been involved in corruption in Africa, that's why they had to get rid of the Boers. It's a good thing they're running out of cash. Less cash = a bit less corruption. Whites can kiss any assets in Africa goodbye until it's recolonised.