Monday, June 29, 2009

Toozday Toot: Tribute to an Angel

Farrah Fawcett died on 25 June 2009 after a brave battle with cancer. This is my personal tribute to an angel that formed the basis of many a young boy's fantasies including yours truly. A remarkable beauty. The song is "Send Me An Angel" by Real Life (1983).

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Thomas J Wolfenden said...

Thanks for posting this... She was one of my favorites and the world will be a at a loss without her.

RIP Farrah

Anonymous said...

She really had a kak face lift, which make her earlier pics all the more valuable.

Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as a 'good' facelift? Still, at 62, she looked better than most for her age.

Anonymous said...

@Anon: Looked like she'd had more than one facelift.

@Dobes: Yeah, you can have a good facelift, but only one. Push it too far and you can't move a facial muscle.

That's the tragedy of these female movie stars, they're not allowed to look their age. Burt Reynolds also took cosmetic surgery way too far.

Anonymous said...

Another thing about FF: she had a wig made out of her hair when she was younger so she could wear it when she got older. No kidding. Hair gets old looking too. People were making jokes about her youthful looking wig and hectic suntan about a year ago at some movie premiere.

Sunbeds, especially when you get older = cancer.

American women don't have the getting older thing right. European women take it in their stride. Brigitte Bardot is still my favourite for being drop dead gorgeous when she was young, and changing her priorities when she got older. Who cares about an older woman's sags and bumps except insecure old men and perhaps younger ones who fear her experience and insight?

South African women have a rough time getting older. White women for not maintaining high pitched voices and wasp size waists, and black women for being supposed witches.

Anonymous said...

I must be an insecure old man. I like my women tight, youthful, tucked and lipo'd. More than likely my evolutionary genes, as opposed to the pop Dr. Phil psychology.

Anonymous said...

@VI: Don't forget that Bardot is very vocal against Islam in France.

Apart from that, she did hundreds of bootylicious young men the favour of shagging them before, not after, she morphed into a sun dried raisin.

FishEagle said...

@Dachshund, men appreciate the gesture when a woman takes care of her appearance either by exercising, dressing well or whatever (in extreme cases liposuction and so forth). It’s because she is sending a message to the guy that she values herself and requires the same from him. Guys like to appreciate women, unlike the popular perception I’ve encountered amongst women. And what changes when we get older? Nothing.

@VI, you can talk about all the pretty things you like about women, as much as you like, but you are living in a fantasy world if you think you ONLY get turned on by physical appearance.

Tim Johnston said...

there'll be a thunderstorm unleashed on you for that one!
I just like my women natural looking, but perhaps when I hit 35 I will change my mind!

Anonymous said...

@Viking: It's gross how so many very young women let themselves go these days, but food standards have dropped as well.

Bite into a Provita and you taste grease. Everywhere you go bread is plonked on the table and chips shovelled onto your plate with the waitress snickering at your husband when you send it back to be replaced with salad or grilled vegetables which you asked for, insisted on, in the first place.

Fat seems to be the norm these days with obese waitresses everywhere, which is why we seldom go out for dinner anymore. I lose it, I tell them straight out, "When I was your age, I looked a damn sight better than you do, and still do."

And what is it with fat women and black guys? It's like the Jerry Springer show with these fat white chicks with their arses bulging out of their hipsters hanging out with and being abused by Indian and black guys. Bill Cosby said, "The ugly one is the grateful one."

Not really. The ugly one is the sour, bad tempered one with a packet of slap chips on her shoulder. She has PMS every day of the month because her hormone and water retention levels are out of whack.

People who suffer from self-inflicted ugliness should be banned from being seen in public. No more fat waitresses. They look so bad cos they eat so kak. Maybe the burqa has a use in western society after all.

Tim Johnston said...

you raise many interesting points!
I think those large ladies are fond of the black men because they in turn have a fondness for chubby sex - and have the ability to charm them with their ebonic words in ways that white men don't - possibly because white men aren't interested in them, favouring as we generally do, the more svelte look.
Someone on SAS raised the point that maybe it has to do with self-esteem, they "date-down" because they can feel superior to their partner. This assumes a priori a racist superior approach to those of other races in any case, but who is to say they don't see it like that?
I frequently see beautiful blonde ladies in Cape Town, often from Holland, Scandinavia and Switzerland, who have picked up local black guys. I have to confess it irritates me, and I don't know why. Maybe because she is looking for something different, while I have the view that the guy is just out to play around and will likely just hurt her. I knew a good friend of mine back home badly hurt by a Ugandan man - we all warned her he might have a wife back in Africa but she ended up getting heartbroken. He did, of course, have a wife; there's no bachelors in Africa!

Anonymous said...

@Viking: Maybe it's because there are allegedly so many gay men in Cape Town, maybe it's because these women from Europe really think these black guys will care about them. Obama's mother didn't do much better and she didn't have to go as far south as Cape Town.

It's often useless to warn them until it's too late and there's an unwanted pregnancy.

(Now I am stirring the pot ;))

Anonymous said...

@FE: The point that I was trying to make was that you should rather do something about your appearance as naturally as you can and don't stress too much if you get older because there's not much you can do about it other than drop dead - which you will do eventually anyway.

Having said that, I've had a facelift done and was very happy with the result. The benefits last for a long time. You can deduct the cost of the face lift from your income tax as a medical expense if it exceeds 7% of your taxable income, along with your other medical aid contributions and expenses.

Liposuction is another story because if you can just have your fat sucked off by a machine there's not much incentive to eat healthily. It's a dangerous procedure done in extremes. Liposuction is to beauty what abortion is to contraception.

Anonymous said...

@FE, no I don't live in a fantasy world. I live in the real world. You can appreciate effort as much as you like, ugly still goes to the bone. Any man telling you that it is all about "inner beauty" is lying to you and himself, or he is poor, short and has a small wiener. Men are visually stimulated. Now I know we are stereotyping here, and the issue is complex, but on average a hot mama is the favoured choice. Don't take my word for it, visit Psychology Today and find out about it.

Let's see now, where can I stir things up a bit more.

@Viking. Don't tell me you believe the whole natural is best shit? It is a myth.

Finally, as regards the obese chicks theory. It is largely socio-economic, which is correlated to IQ.

FishEagle said...

@ Dach. Your point didn’t come across so clearly but I agree with you wholeheartedly.

@VI, then when you get old you will have a boring sex life. I hope to prolong mine for as long as possible.

Tim Johnston said...

"It is largely socio-economic, which is correlated to IQ."
you can't just leave that one hanging! expand, man...
And about the natural thing? ask me again in 10 years.. I will probably agree with you then.
I happen to like freckles, and most women seem to cover them up with makeup, which is very sad :(
I'm not against 'enhancement' on principle though, by any means. It's a medical procedure like any other. but there's no cure for STUPID!

I do think ugly goes to the bone - but very few people are actually ugly. There are usually a few redeeming visual qualities.. I do like to be optimistic about these things :)

There does seem to be a shortage of straight single men in CT! Funnily, that doesn't make all the single white women LESS arrogant lol.
Or maybe it's because I'm 5 foot 2 and 140kg....

Anonymous said...

@Viking. Sorry for keeping you hanging. I think it was Bell Curve, but it might be one of my other sources. Somebody analysed miscegenation, and who, amongst a population group, engaged therein. It was largely found that races stick to their own kind. However, when they looked at the white-black race, it was found that black men would prefer a white woman, but the white women that do miscegenate tended to be of a lower IQ. Moreover, obesity tends to be socio-economic, which is closely correlated to IQ. So when you add the two, it is logical to conclude that lower IQ white chicks, that miscegenate, will probably also tend to be more obese.

Anonymous said...

A personal observation where I am living, the city is divided into quadrants. The lower socio-economic quadrant is the NE. This is predominantly the area that has non-white immigrants, refugees and poor whites. When you visit the area, the changes in physical appearance are obvious. The white women tend to be relatively obese, ugly and stupid (Sorry, but true). This kind of observation is not so easy to make in SA. You can be sure, when you bump into a wigger, that they reside in the NE. It is that obvious.

Anonymous said...

@FE. Regarding my future sex life. I will have to be sure I am rich, if not, I am African from the waist down and charming. If all of that fails, there is always Thailand.

FishEagle said...

That's still not going to be enough!

Tim Johnston said...

@Vanilla Ice
I take your point.
Some observation from where I come from, interracial couples are from poorer areas, with black men seen with white girls, and white men with Chinese girls, very rarely the other way around.
On economic status though, while "miscegenation" occurs at lower socioeconomic levels, I'm not sure it accounts for the large number of mixed-race couples among educated middle class people.
It seems that professional educated people can look past racial lines when they have other things in common - even in South Africa, although I think it will take another generation at least before this happens in any large numbers as it does in, say, the United States.
Culturally, nearly ALL ethnic groups reject people of mixed race, possibly because they are neither in one camp nor the other, although I have always found this puzzling. Aboriginal Australians had a habit of killing children of mixed race within their own societies, for example.