Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sissy players want vuvuzela banned from WC2010

Aw, give them a box of Kleenex. What prima donnas soccer players are. This isn't unlike the din we are forced to hear when watching English soccer games. Come on. Get over it. Perhaps these sensitive soccer players should stay at home. Between you and me, maybe this is our one advantage. To help our Baboona Baboona, we can pack 5000 fans with vuvus behind the opposition's goal posts and swap over after half-time. Aim said vuvus directly at the goalkeeper to distract him. Just a thought. Heaven knows they need all the help they can get.

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From the Guardian (UK)

Forget crime, corruption and whether stadiums will be ready on time. The issue bitterly dividing South Africa as it prepares to host the football World Cup is the ear-splitting noise of the vuvuzela.

Described by one newspaper as "a unique brightly coloured elongated trumpet that makes a sound like a herd of elephants approaching", the vuvuzela has become the biggest controversy at this summer's Confederations Cup.

Fans argue that it is an essential way to express their national identity. But players and TV commentators have called for it be banned at the World Cup.

Liverpool's Xabi Alonso, playing for Spain in the current tournament, said: "They make a terrible noise and it's not a good idea to have them on sale outside the grounds. Here's a piece of advice for Fifa [football's world governing body,] - try to ban them."

The South African Association of Audiology has warned that vuvuzelas can damage hearing.

But supporters are sticking to their horns. Chris Massah Malawai, 23, watching the national team beat New Zealand, said: "This is our voice. We sing through it. It makes me feel the game."

At 17, student Rolebolige Matolindizo and his trumpet are inseparable. "My vuvuzela will be part of my life," he said.

Danny Jordaan, the head of the local World Cup organising committee, has already said the roof architecture of the Soccer City Stadium for next year's final would have the vuvuzela noise cascading down the stand and produce "the noisiest World Cup ever".

He joked: "Our fans blow their vuvuzelas before the match. Maybe because they know that they might not be celebrating afterwards."

Even Sepp Blatter, the president of Fifa, has been sucked into the debate. He said: "I know there are people who are not happy with that. When you are in a pop concert or you go to a disco in the night, I think your hearing will be much more challenged than in a football field."

The sales boom in vuvuzelas is good news for Beville Bachmann, who co-owns the trademark. He said the origins may go back to the use of kudu antelope horns, used to summon villagers to a gathering. "It is no longer environmentally friendly to put down a kudu for this," Bachmann told the Associated Press. "We think plastic is better."

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Anonymous said...

It is a shit sound and kills the stadium atmosphere. Should be banned. Not that I will ever go into an African soccer stadium but the sound is very irretating on my TV here in Germany.


Never mind the vuvuzelas. I hear the Agyptian team was cleaned out of personal belongings and money while on the field playing Italy. Yes - Sepp :


Anonymous said...

Where does this originate from? It is definitly not a kaffir invention ( they cannot invent). This horn sounds very much like the old "fish-horn" (vis horing) being used along the Cape coast to announce the arrival of the fisherman. Used in that context it is acceptable, but used the way the miserable uncrowned beast of the field kaffir uses it, it is unacceptable.

Bantu Education said...

So typical of whitey.

Whenever blackey invents something (which admittedly is unusual) whitey wants either to ban it or, like this "Beville Bachmann", take all the credit..!

Anonymous said...

Conches were used by ancient Vikings and Celts. The Romans used the lituus, a kind of trumpet, at games to call up the next round of athletes. The crowds themselves were not allowed to use them, only designated officials.

I wonder how many peeps in Europe and America are regretting having bought tickets to the 2010 cup.

Anonymous said...

I was at an ice hockey game recently and they have a similar devicie to the vuvuzelas, so I doubt its origins are African.

Buzzd said...

This instrument has great nuisance value, and should be banned outright. Failing that, its use should be restricted to the confines of the stadia. Vuvuzela supporters should learn to restrain themselves and respect others.

Besides, the Special Measures Act passed to give FIFA control of the country does not override the Environment Conservation Act which protects society from, what it calls, nuisance noise.

With the assurance that security at matches will be tight, it would be easy to enforce either of the above restrictions to limit the nuisance noise of the vuvuzela.

The last option, and the one most likely to be favoured, would be for the authorities to concede defeat and repeal a whole bunch of Acts and by-laws to clear the way to allow vuvuzela use, as they as expected to do with the prostitution question.

These are not FIFA's call, but that of our Law Enforcement Agencies. Can they be trusted to do an honest day's work and apply the existing laws?


Anonymous said...

Even if you don't comment - Sarnit!

Unknown said...

And to that racist @sshole, you should note that the Egyptian soccer team was cleaned out by prostitutes they picked up in Sandton, what do you expect? Matter of fact, can you all do us a favor and not show up at all to the world cup, it's not an obligation, PLEASE STAY AT HOME, WATCH TV THERE, DON'T COME I BEG YOU. And to all the Afrikaaner rugby fans suddenly turned soccer fans, stay at your farms too you PLAASYUPPIES, we don't come to your rugby stadiums to watch the Bulls...

Anonymous said...

Xabi and the sissy Europeans reek of racism. I've seen people go as far as saying "those jungle africans dancing piss me off". FIFA should do pluriculturalism a favor and not Europify the African World Cup. If you don't like the noise, don't watch the games.

Anonymous said...

Warning, warning, there are black racists in the house.

@Mphak U, I agree all the visitors should stay at home. The faster Africa feels the pain, the quicker you get to live in the gutter. You guys don't even know how to play soccer anyway.

@Anon 2:59AM. Eurofication of the African World Cup? Ha ha ha. Dream on arse wipe. This is the last world cup Africa will see in a 1000 years.

Gizelle said...

Up the level of debate guys!!! This has sunk way way below the belt. Where are some facts, informed opinions, rational thought, logical conclusions? Where is the spirit of reconciliation and compromise? Where is the person with that perfect solution that will make the majority happy?