Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mom watches baby being raped

Yet more evidence of the depravity of South African black males.

1 in 4 South African BLACK males ADMIT to rape
One child raped every three minutes! - 530 child rapes take place every day

Mount Fletcher - A mother had to watch helplessly as her boyfriend raped her three month-old baby daughter.

The man, 36, allegedly raped the baby girl in the presence of the mother in her home in Zelithsha, police spokesperson Ursula Roelofse said on Friday.

The mother's efforts to save her child were to no avail.

The baby was taken to a nearby clinic at Mount Fletcher.

The police are investigating an alleged rape.

The suspect would appear in the magistrate's court on Saturday.

- Die Burger


Johannesburg - A 33-year-old woman escaped being raped in Amsterdam near Standerton after her husband overpowered an intruder, police said on Wednesday.

A man entered the house the woman was in through an unlocked door about 15:00 on Tuesday, Mpumalanga police spokesperson Inspector Graham Grimsdell said.

He added that shortly after the man entered the house and accosted the woman, her husband and two other men overpowered him and called police.

A suspect would appear in Amsterdam magistrate's court on Thursday on a charge of attempted rape.


2 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

We are all the same Greg?

Well I suppose you are, I sure have nothing in common with these apes

FanonPoqoChimurenga said...

I have nothing to do with human debris like this either, whether it is black, as I assume in this case, or white like the guy in Austria who raped his daughter for years.
This is slightly off-topic, but SAS alleges that there is a lot of crime which only Afrikaans newspapers are reporting, citing various articles in Beeld. I have noticed that lately when I go on IOL and News24 there are very, very few crime reports. Is the English-speaking media deliberately underreporting crime ahead of WC2010?