Thursday, June 25, 2009

Linguistic cleansing

The government’s appeal to the Constitutional Court to force Hoërskool Ermelo, the last remaining Afrikaans high school in Mpumalanga, to change its classes to English is tantamount to ethnic cleansing.

Language Act - Zuma ordered to file papers - Die Burger (in Afrikaans)

The arguments advanced by the state are so absurd that one wonders whether counsel did not seek advice from the Zimbabwean bench, where Zanu (PF) never loses a case.

How can a school be linguistically punished for “having a 100% pass rate”?

And surely if teachers, trained to teach in Afrikaans to Afrikaans-speaking children, were compelled to teach in English, the result would be something less than a 100% pass rate?

The charge of discrimination is a perfect irony . Nowhere in the world, except perhaps in SA and in Zimbabwe, will anyone accept that providing mother-tongue education constitutes a form of “racial discrimination”. In fact, the state is clearly showing its antiwhite and anti-Afrikaans bias in pursuing its vendetta against Ermelo at all costs, notwithstanding the fact that some black children at the school are already happily following classes there in Afrikaans.

More than anything, the continuing saga of Ermelo Hoërskool demonstrates the failure of the political and constitutional order.

None of the promises of equality or language rights made in the constitution has been realised. The Constitutional Court will probably pronounce on the absurdity of a “discrimination suit” brought by the discriminators in an attempt to salvage what is left of the constitution and its high-minded but soundly ignored principles.

The centralist system imposed in 1994 is not only impractical but must, sooner or later, lead to ethnic conflict in SA.

The sooner we move to a federal or confederal system that takes power away from this highly interventionist and very “English” state and gives it back to citizens and communities, the better.

By Dan Roodt (Published in the Business Day)

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Anonymous said...

Dan Roodt is anti-English, no doubt, and is only too happy to cosy up to the ruling elite to curry favour for the Afrikaners on the mistaken myth that the English have a place to go to. Nevertheless, what the ANC is doing is wrong. Have they short memories? What do they think brought about about the 1976 riots? Exactly this issue. The language of instruction.

Anonymous said...

Dan Roodt aside...

This case has been dragging on for years, and the outcome will be of interest to many South African schools who have been forced by the useless shitskin regime to change from Afrikaans to English against their will merely to accommodate more despicable kaffirs who do nothing but drag the school down to their prehistoric stone age level. Where any act of discipline or correction is "racism".

These ANC fuckers do not have a clue about running a modern state, and SA will devolve until it is the mirror image of our northern neighbors. More state control over all aspects of your life. More insane acts that are only enforced on the whim of the police depending on the race of the person involved. More mind numbing anti "colonial" rhetoric. More organized hate against minorities (especially whites), with resurgent youth cadres committing more and more acts of violence and murder against them. More of the same shit that makes Africa the failed continent it is.

I hope the constitutional court judges have the balls to uphold what the school is doing...

But, given most of the judges ultra liberal bent, we shall see.

The ANC will keep doing everything in it's power to turn the common garden variety kaffir against the Afrikaner, and the whites in general, merely so they can wash their hands of our blood and claim to the world the "it is only crime".

They may be incompetent useless wastes of skin, but they have an agenda and they are pursuing it come hell or high water.

Azania Delenda Est!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey VI, you're forgetting that in '76 the other language groups all had COUNTRIES OF THEIR OWN IN WHICH TO RECEIVE MOTHER TONGUE EDUCATION WHILE TODAY THE AFRIKAANS-SPEAKERS HAVE NOWHERE! English-speakers have always had more schools than they needed in SA as this was the instruction from the invaders: that there be plenty of room in english-medium schools for those who chose to receive english-medium ed. Remember it matters not WHO speaks the truth, as long as it is the truth!

Ex-English Teacher