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The Hated White Race

By David Yeagley at

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“Fifty years from now, there won’t even be any white people!” said my pathological Middle Eastern neighbor. He knew I was an American Indian, and he expected me to dance in his vision.

I didn’t. I found his attitude, and that of his angry black wife, repulsive. I don’t appreciate being presumed upon or being dictated to in any matter, especially in the matter of race. Nobody tells this Indian how to think. I’m free to like and dislike whomever I please, for whatever reasons I choose.

My two neighbors were racists, obviously. And they were making me a victim of their racism. Because I was non-white, they presumed I was a natural partner in their resentment and animosity toward the white race. I was judged by the color of my skin, so to speak.

This all happened many years ago, but, I never forgot it. Today, I see truth in the words of my Middle Eastern neighbor. White women are leaping in bed with black men, or other darkies of the world, and popping out strange-looking children. Generally speaking, the male in these incidents could not care less about the children. It’s all about sexual aggression against the white race. They’re happy to conquer for the moment, and to create ghastly, permanent consequences. Marriage and family have nothing to do with these misanthropes, nor the
lusus naturae they create.

This denigration of race is a cruel mockery of manhood. It is a pathetic testimony of the personal irresponsibility and malignant selfishness of failed men. Indeed, a careless woman is generally such for the lack of a caring father.

But I will not dismiss this kind of race destruction as se
xual caprice or mindless ego in aimless men. It is not some Über-design of social architects, or the express intent of integrationists. While racial disintegration may be the result, there are other inevitabilities at work in the process.

Like the universal law of aesthetics. We want beauty. Superior beauty lies in the white race. It is the variety of color, the red hair, the blonde hair, the green eyes, the blue eyes. All the other races in the world have only one coloring, the same black hair, the dark brown eyes and skin. A bit drab in comparison, can’t we say?

The darkies of the world are truly fascinated with the white race, and always have been. However, there is a certain envy that naturally, unavoidably develops. It seems Hitler had a point when he referred to “the hated white race.” (Mein Kampf, p.325.) But the sexual encounter of the dark with the white makes the white dark. And what most people—especially white people—forget is the fact that the white race is the minority in the world. It is, and has always been, vastly out-numbered by the dark races. Moreover, the pigmentations of the white race are all genetically recessive. The whiteness is first to fade.

Therefore, integration tends to mean elimination for the white race. That’s simply the way of the genetic world. That the white race became the most powerful, dominant, ruling race may be attributed to cultural values more than anything else. It was of course the white race that adopted the Judeo-Christian religion. The social constructs and psychological hierarchies in this tradition evolved a people more astute and agile in every way.

Whatever ‘mental’ problems the white race developed as a result of being more powerful are only fairly recent evolutions. In his day the white man has created a throne like no other in history. If it is criminal at the foundation, the challenge is chiefly from envy—always the weakest charge. Besides, what’s the point of the dark man accusing the white man of not keeping his white morals, if the dark man himself does not believe in those morals? The charge of hypocrisy is moot, made in impotence. (The white man’s self-flagellation is the only hope of the darkies.)

I would not look forward to a time when there is no white race. My neighbors were nothing I would want to see more of in this world—certainly not their attitude. But that there is a growing number of people in the world who think like them is a concern. The Muslim world tends to produce such a disposition.

Disguised though it may be in moral and religious terms, political terms, or even genetic terms, the case is fairly obvious: “the hated white race” is such for its beauty and power.

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Anonymous said...

There's a hierarchy in degrees of lightness. If whites are outbred, the next in line will be the light skinned Chinese, who are very careful to stay out of the sun. Eventually there will just be blacks. If that happens the earth will become redundant to the sun because there won't be any need for solar heat on earth - no crops to harvest, no fruit trees, no animals left to kill for food. It's just a thought.

Ms L said...

if u cant change the world...change ur attitude

Tiritomba said...

For Goodness' Sake! This man seems to be quite out of his mind. What, pray tell, is HE if not one of the "darkies of the world"? And we are supposed to trust HIM when it comes to saving the white race? A demented Hitler-admirer who obviously hasn't got a clue that the beloved Fuehrer loved the white race a darn sight less than he hated the Jews. A darkie who waxes lyrically about the beauty of white women is either lying or gay and both conditions are not terribly appealing. Would I want him near my daughters? You must be joking, so save us "saviours" like that in the future.

FishEagle said...

@Tiritomba, I disagree. This guy has integrity. I have a lot of admiration for his views. He can think out of the box.

Vince R said...

The blacks will often describe whites as "skinless mlungus" because of our fair appearance. The nature of beauty is relative. To an African, a full lipped, tightly curled peppercorn head and huge buttocks are the epitome of beauty. Which is just great! You keep it there, I'll take the red head any day,thanks very much ;)

Viking said...

I agree with FishEagle. Tiritomba, what exactly are the non-white majority of the world supposed to do? kill themselves? Say to themselves, I'm not white so ergo I have no value?
Ideally, non-white people would acknowledge the white man got where he is by his own efforts and ingenuity, but also largely, lest we forget, by blowing seven shades of shit out of each other for hundreds of years, and most notably in the two world wars. An industrial revolution that killed scores of our poor, creating a new underclass and condemning our own people to near-slavery in their own countries. Our lessons were learnt by blood, sweat, tears and more blood.
Now, the rest of the world has the luxury of following "our" success without making the same blunders, and in considerably less time. That ought to be their attitude. To copy "our" institutions and achieve the same success. In fact, technology means they don't even have to cause as much pollution in the process!
This man speaks the truth. There is no place for resentment of white people, nor theft of what we have built, but admiration perhaps, and immitation.

Anonymous said...

@ Viking, well put. That's why I thought this man's viewpoint was so refreshing. This is a keeper. At last a non-white who doesn't blame the white man for being the most successful race ever.

FishEagle said...

@ Viking, well put.

Viking said...

And how did you find photos of BOTH of my ex-wives????