Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bye bye vuvuzela?

What are the odds that this pesky instrument will be limited or banned outright? Not very likely. It may sound like a million taxis honking in the stadium but you can't tell the fans what to do. Me, I'd say to Fifa, you bought the spiel to host the cup in South Africa, you get to eat up the whole enchilada which includes the main ingredient, the vuvuzela. It's like telling English fans to shut the irritating background drone they call singing. Suck it up.


Sissy players want vuvuzela banned from WC2010

FIFA concerned about future of new World Cup stadiums - FIFA is concerned that some of the stadiums being built in South Africa for next year's World Cup will remain idle afterward unless organizers take steps to guarantee future use. (a bit late to worry now)


The debate around the vuvuzela was always going to generate big noise but for some South African commentators it has become almost a neo-colonial conflict.

The noisy trumpet, which dominates the sound waves around the stadiums during the Confederations Cup, has got a lot of people covering their ears.

Complaints from TV viewers across Europe have been vociferous enough for the future of the plastic pest to become the major item on the agenda at the series of press conferences FIFA president Sepp Blatter has held during the tournament in South Africa.

Blatter has said it will stay — he wants to celebrate local custom and is inviting the rest of the world to do so too.

FIFA’s television arm, HBS, are more cautious but say privately, at the end of the day what Blatter says goes.

The European TV stations, who pay a lot of the money that funds FIFA, Blatter and the World Cup, could have the vuvuzela banned if they bleated enough. But most of the noise, so far, has come from enraged South Africa columnists, who have rounded on the poor Dutch journalist who first sought Blatter’s response to complaints from European television viewers.

In Africa, there is a sensitivity to being told what to do from outside and a pride in seeking to create a unique World Cup in 2010. Some of the stuff written though has been a little churlish. See here, here and here for a flavour.

At the end the day, it is the big TV money that talks. If the world’s broadcasters feel the cacophony of vuvuzelas detracts from the viewing pleasure of their public, FIFA will be forced to back down and ban the trumpets from the 2010 World Cup stadiums.

It won’t have anything to do with any ‘ism, just cold hard cash. - Reuters

7 Opinion(s):

Tim Johnston said...

What about health and safety issues??
someone on here made the brilliant observation about all that hiv-positive spit flying around! what a hazard...

Bantu Education said...

I heard that the vuvuzela came into being when a jiggaboo of the faeces species STOLE a train horn.
How very appropriate.

Admin said...

The sooner this ridiculous socalled broadcasting corporation goes under, the better.
People should not pay any license fees to them.

Anonymous said...

I think it is great that the South African blacks have found a way to annoy the whole world.

Viva Vuvuzela viva

Exzanian said...

Yes please, DO NOT sign any petition to ban this thing. Bring it on big time. I am going to luv to see the shock on ashen faces of the more refined european spectators next year when they get a full frontal exposure to this sea of crazed savages.

Anonymous said...

Simple things appeal to simple minds.

Fut said...

The thing is South Africa actually has great football songs and does not need the plastic horn: