Friday, June 26, 2009

Black Man Agrees With Dr. Watson

This came in as a comment but is worthy of a full post. It's not possible to say whether a black person wrote it but that's moot anyway. What is of import are the points raised. In this day and age, when so much is discussed, when so many values, traditions and norms in the West are being challenged in the guise of liberal "egalitarian values" we should not hide behind the doctrine of political correctness to raise valid issues when they pertain to other cultures otherwise it would seem only European values are fair game for constant scrutiny.

Why not indeed question the failings of other cultures? Nobody's perfect right? Would not more be gained by questioning taboos than pretending they don't exist? Holding African leaders to the same standards as Western leaders before aid is distributed would go a long way to solving many of Africa's problems.

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Listening to Mozart in particular boosts your brain power and has been proved to improve the mind's mathematical capabilities.

Nobel Laureate, Dr James Watson said black people are less intelligent than the White people.

Black Man Agrees With Dr. Watson

I do not know what constitutes intelligence. But I do know that in terms of organising society for the benefit of the people living in it, we blacks have not shown any intelligence in that direction at all...

Nigeria my dear country is a prime example of the inferiority of the black race when compared to other races. Let somebody please tell me whether it is a manifestation of intelligence if a people cannot organise a free, fair and credible election to choose who will lead them. Is it intelligence that we cannot provide simple pipe-borne water for the people? Our public school system has virtually collapsed. Is that a sign of intelligence? Our roads are impassable.

In spite of the numerous sources that nature has made available to us to tap for energy to run our industries and homes, we have no steady supply of electricity. Yet electricity is the bedrock of industrialisation. When you agree with the school of Watson, some say you are incorrect because all these failures are a result of poor leadership. Why must it be us blacks who must always suffer poor leadership? Is that not a manifestation of unintelligence?

Anywhere in the world today where you have a concentration of black people among other races, the poorest, the least educated, the least achieving, and the most violent group among those races will be the blacks. When indices of underdevelopment are given, black people and countries are sure to occupy the bottom of the ladder. If we are intelligent, why do we not carry first when statistics of development are given?

Look at the African continent. South Africa is the most developed country because of the presence of whites there. This may be an uncomfortable truth for many of us but it exists nevertheless. If the whites had been driven away after independence, we would have seen a steady decline of that country.

In terms of natural endowment, Africa ought to be the richest of the continents but see the mess we have made of the potential for greatness which God in his infinite wisdom has bestowed upon us. We have proved totally incapable of harnessing the abundant natural resources to become great...

I am really pained by our gross underachievement as a race. Instead of regarding bitter truths expressed by the likes of Watson as a wake-up call for us to engage in sober reflection, we take to the expression of woolly sentiment. For me, this type of reaction is a further evidence of our unintelligence.

A man of intelligence recognises genuine criticism against him and takes steps to improve himself in order to prove his critics wrong.

But for us blacks, our reaction is to abuse the man who expresses worries about our backwardness.

Other races are deeply worried about us because we are a problem to the world. We suffer from the five Ds: disorderliness, debts, diseases, deaths and disasters.

It should worry us that we do not invent things. We do not go to the moon. Our societies are not well-organised. We have the shortest lifespan of all the races. Something must be wrong with us.

Why are we not like others?

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