Monday, June 29, 2009

Aristide costing SA taxpayer R5 million a year

Why are we forking out for this squint-eyed dictator to live a life of luxury in our country when millions of our own go hungry..since 2004?!!

DA MP says former Haitian leader is receiving perks usually granted to cabinet minister.

A reply to a Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary question (question included below) shows that ousted former Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide is continuing to receive special treatment from the state with state-funded accommodation, office staff, transport and security equivalent to that provided to a Cabinet minister. A conservative estimate puts Aristide's total annual cost to the South African taxpayer at upwards of R5-million.

While the Department of International Relations and Cooperation has provided an inadequate answer on the costs associated with supporting Aristide, and the DA will be asking further follow-up questions to obtain more specific information, it is possible to draw up a rough estimate of his costs:
  • Accommodation: Ministerial houses are usually valued in the range of R3m-R4m.
  • Car allowance: Aristide's car allowance would be around R1.2m.
  • Staff: The reply does not say how many staff are employed to manage Aristide's affairs. But if he employs three people, this could easily be costing the state R500 000 a year.
  • Security: This is determined by the VIP unit according to their estimates of need. Earlier this year it was revealed that Jacob Zuma's security was costing the state R1m a month. If Aristide's security costs are even a twentieth of this, it is costing the state R50 000 a month (R600 000 a year).
The ministerial guidelines state specifically that a minister may not hold another job and receive a salary from the state. Aristide is not receiving a salary, but he is receiving generous benefits. Yet he continues to hold a research fellow in the College of Human Sciences at Unisa.

Aristide has been living in South Africa since May 2004. At the time that he fled to South Africa, then Presidential spokesperson Joel Netshitenzhe said "This is a temporary arrangement until the Haitian situation stabilizes and Aristide can return". Five years later, he appears to have settled down here permanently.

South Africa is having to cope with a flood of refugees fleeing persecution and corrupt government.

If we are to spend money on refugees, we should rather spend it on processing the applications of those who are really in need, not on maintaining at enormous expense a powerful man with a tainted reputation.

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Anonymous said...

Next to come and stay here at taxpayers expense will be Mugabe. Whoever has will be given more, and whoever does not have, what little he has will be taken from him.

Anonymous said...

200 plus years of 'freedom' for Haiti did not do it much good as the blacks were still there!

Exzanian said...

This is a shocking insert. Unbelievable, what claim does this son of a bitch have to SA tax payer money??? Dobes, did you really have to go and spoil my day?