Friday, May 22, 2009

Zuma`s daughter has lavish 400, 000.00 birthday bash

(left) Duduzile Zuma and ANCYL President , Julius Malema

This, as with so many other stories, cannot be found in any English publication.

Just one more example of the extravagance of these comrades while the masses are starving. The organisers of this event refused to comment on who is paying.

On the menu

· Calamari
· Shrimp
· Salmon
· Sushi
· Chicken and beef kebabs
· Mo√ęt&Chandon- champagne
· Veuve Clicquot- champagne
· Johnnie Walker Blue Label-whisky
· Johnnie Walker Gold Label-whisky

Inanda country club Sandton

10 Opinion(s):

Exzanian said...

She's quite a kitten isn't she! A girl of that quality, a Presidents daughter no less, deserves such a swanky party. Posh girls have all the fun ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much the 18 others , party's are going to cost and with what bribery money they will finaced

Anonymous said...

Sick. Not too long ago JZ couldn't pay for his Toyota Camry. I don't know why it still pisses me off. Perhaps it is the audacity.

Anonymous said...

Loggi. Excellent piece of exposure. Well done boet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate

Joe King said...

it suprizes me how these self styled commies, who beleive in equality and freedom for all allow themselves such lavish celebrations. I wonder how it feels for Julius to wear shoes? A monkey in silk is a monkey no less.

Anonymous said...

From Communism to Gucci. Viva taxpayers money.
ANC wrote the book on this one.

Anonymous said...

Short memories you have.

Consider the billions apartheid govt wasted on conscription: a Nat / Herstigte / Conservative whitey party for decades. PW Botha, his ministers & generaals often swanned around in Puma helicopters at taxpayers' expense.

Remember all the risible SADF medal ceremonies shown on SATV, with govt ministers & military, their fat, ugly wives tarted up. Remember all the stops pulled out for some troopie funerals, shown on SATV.

Taxpayer funded, vampire-partying.


No use of stealing it and just stuffing it into a pillow ( super sized one ). Johnny B. Label and games - as long there is something to be looted.

Tim Johnston said...

You're completely right, anon. All politicians waste taxpayers money on extravagances, but these particular ones will be calling each other "comrade" while toasting their success with the Moet, in the ongoing pretence that they are somehow concerned with the plight of the masses. I think that just adds some hypocritical icing to the birthday cake.