Friday, May 29, 2009

White Actress Refuses to Kiss Black Actor

NewsGuy at The Right Perspective reports on a brouhaha developing over a white actress' refusal to smooch a darkie. Looking at the ugly mug's face, I can't say I blame her. What's with the 'stache dude? Actually, she said it was unhygienic which is fair enough, she is the one that gets the cooties - and you don't know where his mouth has been... And right on cue the liberal media has latched onto this story like shit to a baby blanket. The angle is the usual, sies on whitey and poor, poor blackie.

A White actress’ refusal to kiss her Black co-star on the lips during a play aimed to promote inter-racial relations has exploded into a major race row in South Africa.

22-year old Carolyn Forword says she did not walk out of the production of The Pied Piper of Hamlin because of the race of her co-star. Instead, she insists the repeated smooching is “unhygienic” and not suitable for the audience of young children for whom the show is intended.

Forword’s co-star, Unathi Dyantyi, is more than a little crushed.

“I felt like a piece of shit every time we had to do it because of the way she treated me,” whined Dyantyi, who says Forword shrank from his advances and pushed him away while during the performances. “She didn’t want to kiss me. She said she found it unnecessary and the kiss was unhygienic.”

“I’m speechless. What’s unhygienic about the kiss? And what’s unnecessary about it? It is necessary for what the director is aiming to do. He’s trying to convey a message that it’s OK for different cultures to fall in love. We’re a multicultural country and we’re trying to convey that.”

Forward, who recently returned to South Africa from a two-year hiatus in England, is upset that she is being portrayed as a “racist” in the media. “It is a play for eight-year-olds,” she said. “They wanted me to kiss the guy for 20 seconds, which is inappropriate for that audience. It wouldn’t have gone down well at a Catholic school, for example. It would have been unhygienic because it was a travelling show. I pulled out because the director never gave my agent an idea of where we were staying. It had nothing to do with the kissing thing. But now I’m seen as a racist.”

“If Carolyn really was a racist, would she really have agreed to perform in a play that promotes miscegenation?,” ask her supporters. Forward did 12 shows of The Pied Piper before pulling out, leaving the remaining 50 shows to her understudy.

The play’s director, Leslie Ehrhardt, supported Dyantyi’s account. “Without a doubt there was a racial element from the word go until the very end,” he said, adding that the controversial kiss lasted about 20 seconds during each show. “Carolyn underlined it with her general behavior towards Unathi. She pushed him away and her face was screwed up, as if kissing him was the worst thing in the world.

“She said to me in rehearsals that her doctor told her it was unhygienic to kiss on the stage. That took me by surprise. When we going to her old school, she said it would not go down well with her people, or words to that effect.”

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Anonymous said...

I don't make a habit of french kissing my dog, not because I am a dog-o-phobe, but because his breath stinks and he licks his balls. So I agree with her, it is a hygiene thing.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to say that Unathi Dyantyi was also licking his balls?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:43, the anon 3:54 was talking about his/her dog. Read slower. And yes, maybe he was licking his balls (or someone else's). When you kiss your partner, wife, husband, girl/boyfriend you generally tend to know where their mouths have been but to kiss a stranger, you kiss whatever that person has been kissing, eating, licking..

Tim Johnston said...

In a country where HIV is so prevalent - damn right there's a hygiene issue! A true-life mixed race couple in SA would have to take that into account, why not an actress playing in one?

Anonymous said...

"Forword’s co-star, Unathi Dyantyi, is more than a little crushed."

So who gives a shit?

Anonymous said...

@ 7:19, exactly. Would you kiss your tea-lady? Or the truck driver? It is only a job and anybody can drop a job they don't like. But the 'journos' milking this are only doing this because it makes whitey look bad and that sells papers. Oh btw journos, did you know another 50 people were murdered today?

Katzenjammer said...
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Anonymous said...

Good on her. Call her (or me) racist or whatever, but if you have a set moral value to what and who you want to associate and be intimate with then NOBODY's liberal opinion will change that, I don't care what stink they raise.

Personal preferences is exactly that, personal, and it doesn't matter what anyone else says, I will not change my values to suit their perseptions.

Anonymous said...

A peck wouldn't have been nearly as bad but a kiss that lasts 20 seconds?! That's not a kiss, that's tonsil hockey!

Name one fairy tale/Disney movie that has the lead characters snogging for longer than 4 seconds.

Anonymous said...

Herpes can be passed through kissing.
Sores around the mouth would be a serious liability to an actor looking for work.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you have issues see somebody... Viking learn to read you might be surprised to learn that one does not get aids through kissing.. and yes Anonymous YOU ARE A RACIST. The b...h is not a professional she should find a different profession. For those of you who haven´t heard the news "its 2009, South Africa is free and its a new dawn so get over yourselves"