Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Threat to be taken seriously

In 1985, Oliver Tambo, the ANC President, said the ANC would make South Africa ungovernable.

Innocent people were roasted alive.

Bombs in public places, such as restaurants, killed innocent women and men.

Did Oliver Tambo approve of this butchery? If you ask senior ANC spokesmen this question, you are met with silence.

But I feel foreigners, considering visiting in 2010 through Oliver Tambo Airport, would be interested in the answer.

Now the MK Vetera
ns, representing the ANC’s armed wing, have declared they will make the Western Cape ungovernable. Given the ANC’s record of terror and bloodshed, this threat must be taken very seriously indeed.

The DA
won the Western Cape in the last election and Helen Zille is its premier. This is the sole reason for the ANC’s outrage. Whatever you think of the decorum of Zille’s remarks about President Zuma’s sexual behaviour, she was only repeating statements made by the judge in his rape case, never denied by Zuma himself.

The ANC’s criticism that Zille’s ten member cabinet was all male is laughable since the ANC in its 97 year history has never had a woman president.

Adding to the ANC’s fury is the fact that Helen Zille was an excellent mayor of Cape Town, bringing clean, effective administration after disastrous ANC administration.

The ANC d
id everything it could to sabotage DA rule in Cape Town, including perverting the judicial system with the Erasmus Commission and the Desai Commission, whose sole purpose was to undermine the DA.

The ANC used Zanu-style violence, including murder, against DA canvassers in Cape Town townships. The ANC Youth League has declared that Zille only appointed her
male ministers so that she could sleep with them: she is a whore.

They have said she is a “racist little girl”.

A Facebook site, thought to be run by the ANC, also accused her of being a racist and a harlot.

Before the election, Julius Malema of the ANC Youth League was asked if he would accept Helen Zille as the President of South Africa if the DA won. He would not answer.

His refusal to do so and the ANC’s reaction to the DA’s victory in the Western Cape suggests that, like Zanu-PF, it would refuse to accept the outco
me of an election if it lost.

If so, our elections, like those in Zimbabwe, are something of a sham; only permitted if the ANC wins.

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