Thursday, May 06, 2010

South African Land Ownership and Redistribution

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There is the often repeated myth that white South Africans own 87% of the land, and that they refuse to willingly part with said land. This leaves the perception that we will inevitably go done the path of Zimbabwe type land grabs, which will be the stubborn white man's fault.

Consider this emotive piece, devoid of any facts.

"The rich white land-owning class will hurl everything to scuttle South Africa’s land reform process which seeks to redress social and economic injustice which was solidified in Apartheid South Africa for many decades. It’s proving impossible for this class to part with the land which their ancestors violently grabbed from Blacks during the colonial conquest era."

So in one paragraph, not only does this ill informed journalist, Sifelani Tsiko, assume that white land owners are rich, but he sets the stage for land grabs. The logic goes like this. All whites were colonialists, who violently displaced the peaceful and productive indigenous people, taking their land for themselves, and as a consequence enriching themselves. Now, the progeny of these same colonialists refuse to redress the past wrongs, by stubbornly holding on to the land, with the net effect being that the "people" will have to resort to violent land grabs, to correct this past injustice.

Wake up for f**k sakes, for starters most land claims are a fraud. More importantly, some indigenous people engage in subsistence farming, barely managing to feed themselves, the rest usually destroy the land. So who the hell will feed the 45 million people? Anyway let me not get sidetracked.

The 87% of land ownership is a myth. In 2001 it was estimated that white South Africans owned 44% of the land, with coloureds owning 9%, blacks 18% and municipalities 25%. But it is suggested that black land ownership could be far higher, since the constitution does not allow for the breakdown of land along racial lines, and the deeds registry database has no racial indicators. So it becomes convenient to perpetuate a lie in order to dispossess whites of their productive land.

The 87% myth probably relates to arable land, but this cannot be verified. South Africa only has 12% of arable land, and it is this arable land, largely used by commercial farmers to feed the masses, that is under dispute.

Warning: If you tamper with the commercial farmers or the arable land, you will starve. Guaranteed.

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Anonymous said...

Well said!

FishEagle said...

I don't need to see a title deed to know when a piece of land has been transferred to the 'previously disadvantaged.' You can sense it when you drive past a newly transferred property. There is a remarkable sense of decay that sets in within 5 years, or even less.

Anonymous said...

Blacks assume that all whites own land. Perhaps they prefer this fallacy, because it then makes it possible to justify stealing from whites in return, as all whites allegedly stole the land from them initially.

But we have less than 40,000 white farmers in South Africa. Out of a population of 4,000,000 this means that less than 1% of the whites actually own land.

Thus the blacks are using their famous k.... logic when they assume that "all whites stole from them"

Most whites, the other 99% thus make use their educations and other skills to make a living and one cannot steal that. It takes hard work to for instance become a doctor and more important than that, it takes intelligence. This is why blacks continuesly struggle to lift themselves out of poverty. This continuous struggle is why some whites initially decided to help them and this is why the blacks today blame their own failure on the whites. Convenient, no, almost as if they are doomed to be adult kids for ever.

It is easier for the blacks to say that all whites stole from them, than to admit that no whites stole from them, not even the farmers, as this would mean an end to their culture of entitlement.

Fact is that South Africa was a vast EMPTY country with only a handful of blacks living in it a 100 years ago. It was the white man and his medicine that enabled the blacks to breed out of control, to reach the epidermic proportions that they have reached today.

They remain a failed race and if you asked a black man, "why" it would never be their fault. This failure to accept any responsibility on their part is a huge contributing factor to their failure.


Para Bellum said...

What these blacks do not get is the fact that ONLY 1 white in 100 can farm. That figure is probably closer to 1 in 1000 as a lot of farms are losing money faster than you can say: "Gaan ploeg die mielies". And this is amongst a nation that are quite rightly considered to be some of the most exceptional farmers in the world.

WTF do the blacks think? That any arsehole can plant a seed? While any arsehole can plant a seed, it takes a very special kind of arsehole to farm out a surplus for sale to the STARVING masses in this country. The same in Zimbabwe... From BREADBASKET to BASKETCASE in ten years by taking the very special arseholes off the land and handing it over to the garden variety arsehole. WTF. The blacks need to realise that their farming (subsistence) mentality is NOT going to feed them.(Well... Maybe in a GOOD season).

I reckon only 1 in 100,000 blacks can actually farm on a commercial scale. It is an intense, complicated BUSINESS.

The government needs to STOP LYING about the land issue and give the land to that 1 in 100,000 that can do it. Anything less will lead to the destruction of this country.

Man cannot create wealth. He uses what God gave him and adds some small value to it. Everything we consider to be of value is either out of the earth or grown from the earth or harvested from its waters. Everything else is "mythical money" and can be DESTROYED by the click of a button. Handing over this wealth to a people who will waste it away ala Zimbabwe will destroy us all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the ANC wants to starve all the blacks. Maybe they want them dead. Why else do this?

FishEagle said...

@ Parra Bellum. Exactly.

That's a lot of ass holes you spoke about. Lol.

Tim Johnston said...

Great post, and very welcome.

See this today:

More land grabs coming soon

Tim Johnston said...

And I wonder if those figures include land collectively owned by "tribes".
I would also like to know how much land is leased by white farmers and not owned by them. I know that this leased land is seen by the government as an "easy grab" because they technically own it, and are just itching to "redistribute" it.

FishEagle said...

Well, I don't own any land, but right now the blacks have made a pretty sterling effort to redistribute my property! Yesterday afternoon I found a guy sitting in my car, while I was still holding my grocery shopping bags in my hands. This afternoon while I was in my room a guy broke the window to break in. Luckily both guys ran away with nothing when I came across them. But they weren't caught either.

Para Bellum said...

@ FishEagle...

Many farmers lease land. Out of the many famers I know, about 80% have a farm that they "lease". The farm they "own" is usually hocked to the bank for whatever it is worth for them to be able to afford the capital costs of planting. Last season the input costs were horrific. The year before when oil rocketed and the rand weakened was even worse. Input costs more than trebled on the back of higher (oil based) fertiliser costs. This led to many farmers not making money at the maize price at the time... Hence the hocking to the bank. Many rent/lease farms that they run "non-core" farming on. For instance, a mielie boer will rent a farm a few kilometers away (or next door if he can) to run his cattle on.

A friend of mine only made money because:
1. He is an exceptional farmer.
2. He got half a ton per hectare more from his dry lands than he was expecting.
3. His irrigation lands, that he is slowly converting to organic, did VERY well (14t/hA).

Farming is more than planting stuff. It has become a very COMPLICATED business with MOST success factors out of your hands - Rain, amount of sun, heat units, locusts, birds, other pests, etc.

Modern farming has become a logistics business with most farmers growing or husbanding (animal growing) to very close specifications that are driven by the major retailers. This in turn is driven by consumers. The farmer therefor is a price taker and NOT like most other businesses a price maker.

Farmers must take the price they get or thier produce will rot and they will lose everything. This is complicated by the supply/demand of produce and the marriage of these systems into a global commodities market. The EU have very STRONG protections in place to protect and insulate their farmers from these effects. South Africa has NO protective measures for their farmers, be it on imports, exports, markets, or safety.

SA farmers are HARD-CORE, and are exceptional at what they do. They are snapped up as farm managers in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada. Most of Africa is BEGGING for our farmers but our government, driven by an ideology of destruction, is destroying our MOST priceless national asset - The people who feed us and tend our ground on our behalf.

Without this handful of people SA would STARVE. We are already importing food as their is too much fertile land going over to land claiments and their subsistence mentality. People want houses and jobs, NOT land. By politising the land issue the government is perpetuating race hate and is putting the food security of South Africa at MASSIVE risk.

PS: Sorry about all the arseholes... ;-0

Exzanian said...

Excellent article. Like a sobering slap to the face! Nice comments by parrabellum. The message to the ANC is: leave it alone, you don't understand what you are dealing with. You are scratching where it does not itch, keep scratching, and it will bleed.